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  1. indiemike

    New Mobile

    Hi im coming to the end of my phone contract, got 2months left out of a 18month contract, ive had the Iphone which ive enjoyed havin but want something else now. Im looking for a phone good for music, taking pictures, good memory and not to big, the size of the iphone is a little to big now 4...
  2. indiemike

    Sky tv help

    Think ill give them a call next week and just say the box i want 4 multiroom is to be placed in a room without a phone hardline and cant afford to get 1 set up, but if they do get funny ill just have to pop home with it and plug it in 4 a while
  3. indiemike

    Broadband Without Phone Line

    What companies supply without the need for a phone line, i know virgin do does anyone know of any other good servers?? Mobile Broadband is no good as i need it for my PS3 Cheers Mike
  4. indiemike

    Iphone 3G Jailbreak

    Sorry to ask more questions, but can i restore my iphone if it goes "tits up" , cos i dont wanna do it and then find my phone doesnt work
  5. indiemike

    Iphone 3G Jailbreak

    Can you get free apps like.. TOMTOM?
  6. indiemike

    Iphone 3G Jailbreak

    What is it and what does it do?
  7. indiemike

    PS3 surround sound help

    Ive got a sharp lcd tv which ive got set up with my panasonic surround sound system and running my ps3 through it to. The ps3 is connected via hdmi, and surround sound is scart connected, is there a way to achive full surround sound when using the ps3? The cinema system has no optical output...
  8. indiemike

    Sky tv help

    Ohh no worries just thought I could get sky on the cheap, will stick with the freeview 4 now. Thanks anyways
  9. indiemike

    Sky tv help

    I am in the process of moving house from my parents to my girlfriends, where I am going already has a sky dish fitted, I've got a sky+ box off my mate, just wondered if I rang sky up and said I want multiroom at my parents house and they sent me a sky card out could it work in my girlfriends...