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  1. indiemike

    north wales/ chester/ liverpool

    Hi i was bought up in chester area and I live in liverpool now. Chester Zoo is always a good place to take the kids, will have a good day there. Fun things to do near Chester for kids | | Places to go with children | Cheap family activities In liverpool I usual...
  2. indiemike

    Harrier Jump Jet For Sale!

    When he says "One of these made me cry when I was 4 at a airshow, it will make my wife cry now thats for sure" Imagine putting that in the garden and the mrs coming home lol
  3. indiemike

    RIP - Leslie Nielson

    True legend... R.I.P
  4. indiemike

    John Terry - England Captain, Yes or No?

    I agree he shouldnt of done what he has due to the fact he as england captain has a moral responabilty as a role model and professional to lead by example, kids look up to footballers these days and its not a good example to set. But the end of the day his personal life wont effect his football...
  5. indiemike

    Scarlett Johansson or Jessical Alba?

    Both are lovely ladies and i really cant pick between them
  6. indiemike

    V Festival

    Any 1 goin 2moz
  7. indiemike

    One Question... WHY???

    Ive just been told about this lovely machine that is currently for sale on autotrader What on earth where they thinking LOL
  8. indiemike

    Tree Sap

    Hi ive got a bit of a random question Theres a huge tree in my front garden and my car is parked right under it, the sap off the tree covers my car which is a pain so im havin 2 clean and polish it like once/twice a week Just wondering if the sap could cause any damage to the paint work...
  9. indiemike

    Chester/North Wales Areas

    Sounds like a good idea 2me
  10. indiemike

    Chester/North Wales Areas

    Is there many people on here from around the north wales region