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  1. RMH1A4cab

    Audi a3 2ltr tdi dsg HELP NEED ASAP PLEASE regarding it won't turn over

    Could be a duff battery so didn't charge properly.
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    Audi Symphony II louder volume for traffic news - can it be stopped?!

    Just realised yours is the ll so not sure if this will work.
  3. RMH1A4cab

    Audi Symphony II louder volume for traffic news - can it be stopped?! Read down the Page.
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    Windows Tinted

    Just copied this from the dvla website. The law requires that the windows on the vehicle allow at least:75 per cent of*light through the front windscreen70 per cent*of light through the front side windowsIn most modern vehicles there is a slight tint added to the windows when they are made...
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    2.0 tdi cambelt and waterpump replacement cost

    £399 from audi + cost of water pump. A good indi is around £300 + £65 for water pump.
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    Audi Specialists in Birmingham

    Does it have to be in Birmingham or can it be just outside, these 2 I highly recommend. And brv automotive in Stoke
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    Cupra Splitter Prices

    £25-£30 from seat dealer.
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    Best way to connect an iPhone 4 to a 55 plate a3?

    I agree totally, there is simply no better than oem Bluetooth the quality is second to none, I have the xcarlink to and the sound is excellent. Like you say all hidden i can't stand these kits with all sorts of bits stuck to the dash looks very untidy in my opinion.
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    I was with a mate on Saturday £109 of diesel in his A6 :(
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    Expensive Night Out !!!

    I had the pleasure of catching some low life doing this to a mates car many years ago in Birmingham , let's say I doubt he did it again . it can happen anywhere plenty of low life sum in this country . hope you get it sorted soon
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    List all the best VCDS programming features

    I wish I could do this on my A4 (b7) but I'm sure it doesn't support long coding , unless anyone knows different .
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    A3 cab- rear leg room ? Any owners.

    Well we took your advice and went to a local audi dealer and tried one I was quite surprised at the room, anyway her company signed off saying she could have one . So on Friday she ordered this Full spec , Bluetooth, park sensors rain pack ect its being delivered on Wednesday thank god I...
  13. RMH1A4cab

    A3 cab- rear leg room ? Any owners.

    Thanks for that , sounds similar to my A4, will pop to dealer tomorrow but i think she will be ok.
  14. RMH1A4cab

    A3 cab- rear leg room ? Any owners.

    Ok the better half is moving jobs so finally the god awful 1 series bmw is gone, her new job states she can have a cab as long as it can seat 4 comfortably . So my question is can you seat 4 in the A3 cab , audi's web site states you can but i'd like to hear from anyone who has one . Thanks
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    Injectors failed, your advice please...

    They now use denso injectors and not piezo , i have not heard of any failures with the denso .
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    Injectors failed, your advice please...

    Oh and carefully read the post's by a8 , i know him and he is a master tech at audi and really does know what he's talking about . HTH
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    Injectors failed, your advice please...

    Sorry to hear this, your not alone . And yes its more than likely other will fail in time that seems to be what happens. Have a look here VW AUDI Forum - VWAF I know its for the A4 but its still the same injector problem which audi still won't own upto . Good luck with this .
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    connecting phone

    I think you turn the ignition on , search for the car bluetooth from the phone within 30 seconds , it should find it then pair them code is 1234 as far as i know. HTH
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    My DIY guide for Retro fitting Puddle Lights

    Nice write up robin ( i recognize your sig from S2ki ) , can you tell me if the loom is the same for a 2006 A4 cabriolet (sline) . Thanks