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    I upgraded with tarox pads and discs all round (as per sig), miles better than standard havent come across brake fade like the stock discs and pads. Also with brakes I believe the recommendation is 200/300 miles to bed in properly iirc.
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    How fast have you had your 1.8T?

    About 147mph on the clock, obviously on a private runway too...... Had a little play with a new Golf R on the way back from work the other day, caught me out, quick little thing!!!
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    Oil Catch Can mini group buy anyone? including PCV system simplification.

    Im in if another group buy is happening.
  4. thorsy22

    Clutch down and.........SNAP!! :(

    I was 100miles from home in Southend :( That's the bit Wibble, going to look at taking the pedal tomorrow as not sure where this part that needs welding is.
  5. thorsy22

    Clutch down and.........SNAP!! :(

    Is this the new updated pedal as I think mine is the old weaker one with the plastic part that has snapped.
  6. thorsy22

    Clutch down and.........SNAP!! :(

    I can try taking pics of my knackered one but would like to see pics of a welded/reinforced one if anyone could post some up!
  7. thorsy22

    Clutch down and.........SNAP!! :(

    Mine went today, 10mins before I got to the site I'm working on in Southend (drove from Worthing)! Anyone got part numbers for this?
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    egt sensor location on '03 S3

    I have an AMK engine so yes.
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    egt sensor location on '03 S3

    Luckily for me I didnt plug the sensor back in properly after putting everything back in after replacing my thermostat the other day and it had come off, DOH! For those that need an EGT found this on ebay AUDI S3 / TT / LCR 225BHP 1.8T K04 - 023 EGT SENSOR on eBay (end time 14-Jan-11 01:46:43 GMT)
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    egt sensor location on '03 S3

    I understand the probe itself is on the turbo but what people are saying is that it plugs into the cars electronics somewhere under the intake manifold, just wondering if anone had a pic to show where this is.
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    egt sensor location on '03 S3

    When booting it the other day WOT highish revs 4k+ in 4th gear+ felt like I'd hit a limiter or wheel spinning (but not doing either) until I caught the engine light flashing. At first thought might be coilpacks on the way out but when I got home did a scan and got the following codes: 17861 -...
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    Advice on Fault Code's

    Replaced MAF and havent had any more DTC's come up, car is a bit more responsive too now.
  13. thorsy22

    CR K04 Stage 4 Hybrid, comparison to k04

    How much is the 3in tip Bill and are they any more awkward to fit than an ordinary aftermarket tip such as the Autobahn or Forge items?
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    Fuel Trim; Bank 1: System Too Rich

    System too rich code is likely to bring on the engine light, possibly the maf fault too. Replace the MAF with a genuine Audi/Bosch one and should clear those 2 fault codes. As for the ESP light, are you sure it's not disabled as there is no fault codes relating to that system. Have you tried...
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    really really **** MPG + flickering xenons

    I've got to do my thermostat (probably tomorrow), using this link as a guide. Thermostat replacement procedure..>> - AudiWorld Forums
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    Happy Birthday Tuffty & Sandip!

    Happy birthday Tuffty and Sandip, have a blast guys!!!
  17. thorsy22

    Advice on Fault Code's

    17536/P1128/004392 - Fuel Trim; Bank 1 (Mult): System too Lean Possible Symptoms Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) active Possible Causes Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor faulty Oxygen Sensor Control faulty Oxygen Sensor(s) faulty Fuel Injector(s) faulty Possible...
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    S3 Drivers Door needed...

    They must have missed your rear quarter by mm, hopefully no-one was hurt and you can get it all fixed good as new asap!
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    Audi S3 ABS Control Module knackered

    Yes mine was that module, got the module and pump from a guy on ebay that was breaking an S3 for £100. Other place is BBA-reman or something like that, think they are based in Rochester think they quoted £350/£400 for a second hand one if they could get hold of one. Unfortunately you can't just...
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    S3 Heated Seats

    Same as above, lol