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  1. sturs4

    TBE Milltek for sale

    Thought i would advertise this here as its for a S3 8P 3 door. Milltek TBE,non res,with hight flow cats and special tips.It has been on my car for around 6 months and is in great condition. £700
  2. sturs4

    New owner

    Hey everyone, Thought i would introduce myself on this side of the forum.I currently have a 8P S3 which is getting traded in for my second RS4 on friday,i cannot wait to own one again.Its been owned by an enthusiast who was on the RS246 forum and maybe on this forum too.Its a 57 in metallic...
  3. sturs4

    Parts coming up

    Hey, Im selling my S3 and have my stage 2+ hard ware coming up for sale so i thought i would give people a heads up if anyone is after these parts.I have TBE non res milltek with special tips and high flow cats ITG CAI High pressure fuel pump Also selling my KW V1 Bentley continental GT...
  4. sturs4


    As the title states.......................******
  5. sturs4

    Autoshine Specialist Valeting

    Took my car to Autoshine valeting specialists in brighouse near Leeds for Paint correction and a good going over.Would just like to say thanks to Tony and the guys for doing a top job,Im well pleased with how it has turned out. Thanks again Guys
  6. sturs4

    Paint correction

    Hey, Can anyone recommend a detailer in or around Leeds that can give my car winter protection and also paint correction.Ive got the usual stone chips and a few scratches i want rid of. cheers
  7. sturs4

    Old corn mill,brighouse 13th november

    Hey everyone, There has been some interest on the A3/S3 8P section about having a meet somewhere near the Leeds area.I am proposing The Old Corn Mill Wakefield Road Brighouse HD6 4HA 2PM, Sunday 13th November This venue should be fine as it is used by other car clubs for holding meets,sure...
  8. sturs4

    Bentley GT alloys "spigot ring"

    Hey, I'm running some Bentley GT wheels on my having juddering issues and I've been told it could be the fact there are no spigot rings keeping the wheel central to the hub.Does anyone running GT's have spigot rings? Cheers
  9. sturs4


    I have a judder through the steering wheel that seems to get worse the faster you go and seems to get better and worse at times.its not shacking the wheel violently but there is an issue somewhere that needs can also be felt through the throttle peddle.Anyone have any idea's? And its...
  10. sturs4

    Wheel Spacer problems

    Im running 20mm spacers on my S3.Nearly one thread on each spacer has stripped just torquing the bolts up.Has anyone else had a similar problem? Ive just given my self the fear of going round a corner and my wheel departing from the car,plus its on the rollers on saturday and i want it to be...
  11. sturs4

    what wheels are these PLEASE

    hi all, Ive seen some wheels i want REALLY BADLY for my mk1 golf gti and i cant find out for love nor money what they are.They could be RH's of some kind as some where for sale ages ago but the model of them was never mentioned. Can anyone help,i need to get some cheers
  12. sturs4

    All Types Show north wales

    Hey peeps, Just wondered if anyone was planning on going to this show? Home
  13. sturs4

    The Music

    Hey all, Just thought id post a link to my bands website.If your not a fan it makes a good read. The Music stu
  14. sturs4

    S3 8p ''black S3 grill badge''

    Hi all, Does anyone know where i can get a black S3 grill badge.Im sure ive seen them for sale on ebay but i cant seem to find any anywhere.Anyone know any places that might sell them. cheers
  15. sturs4

    S3 Badge replacement (front-rear)

    Hi all, Ive ordered some black audi emblems for the front and rear of my car.Does anyone know how to fit them? cheers
  16. sturs4

    S3 40mm springs & dampers

    Hi all, Ive been thinking about lowering options and after talking to someone who develops touring cars he told me springs and dampers are a better option for road use. I run 19'' 8.5 with 225 tyres and an ET of 45.i have a slight bit of rubbing from the rear when i have someone in the...
  17. sturs4

    S3 AMD visit

    Just got back from my long trip to AMD in Essex for there stage 2+ upgrade and have to say its epic.It goes like stink and sounds like a rally car with the ITG and milltek non res,so it was a long,very fun trip home.No flat spots,it just boosts and pulls hard through the rev range.Im more than...
  18. sturs4

    Bring on the stage 2+

    Hi all, Booked in for Revo stage 2+ next week at AMD,cant wait,it will be worth the long trip i hope:eyebrows: Is there anything i should be looking out for,problems etc?(clutch will be done before) cheers
  19. sturs4

    S3 8P JBS Stage 2

    Hey guys, Just wondered if anyone has had a JBS phase 2 software\hardware upgrade on there S3. Any thoughts and comments. cheers
  20. sturs4


    Hi all, Will this plug and play into my car?Will it be compatible with the flat bottom steering wheel and bose. AUDI A3 S3 DVD NAVIGATION PLIUS SYSTEM RNS-E H77 Silver on eBay (end time 04-Feb-11 22:28:19 GMT) cheers