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  1. EssVier

    VAGCOM in Derbyshire/Manchester area please!

    Afternoon guys, I have a rough-running 2.0TDi and believe it to be the turbo fairy knocking! Does anybody have VAGCOM who for the price of lunch would plug it in to see what it throws up? Much appreciated. Matt PS I live in SK17 area, will travel.
  2. EssVier

    North West Audi's?

    Sunny Buxton for me! Im game, as long as no-one shoots us!
  3. EssVier

    I love the look of my S3

    Eyesore aint it! Like the 6-series imo! *Awaits bowfer to pipe up*
  4. EssVier

    Remap Trouble - HELP :(

    Good mapping aint cheap, and cheap mapping aint good! Get it put back to standard and go with a reputable mapper. Good luck matey!
  5. EssVier

    Whats in your changer?

    Someones been on the Fantazia website shopping me thinks! ! I got a Technotrance off there, and fair play it is **** hot quality, not like the old mix tapes we used to listen to em, copied about a thousand times hahaha! They also give it tracks, so hunting the fave tunes is easy! well worth it...
  6. EssVier

    Whats in your changer?

    LTJ is the nuts, got a load of his Progression Session Live stuff, cost me a fair whack, but well worth it! Ratpack, canna beat em! Shout up if you want any tunes fella! :music:
  7. EssVier

    Whats in your changer?

    Good selection mate! Canna beat real Old School! In mine i got.. LTJ Bukem and Conrad mp3 Notorious BIG Roni Size Grooverider - Mysteries of Funk And a 'Learn Cantonese' cd lol!
  8. EssVier

    Red Interior??

    Im a fan of red leather, but not that shiney. Looks like a back street titty-bar to me!
  9. EssVier

    S3 Avus Wheels

  10. EssVier

    Another fine axample of modding...

    Sorry, but you are all so wrong, we can see what look he was going for... with the girlfriend. Plastic surgery, using a spade is all the rage now. What about this little gem ? You sure you're ready..... Sure you're sure? ? .. WHAM!
  11. EssVier

    A3/S3 wtb or trade thread

    Check the red tool bar at the top of this page, Forum, User CP, Register, Gallery. Classifieds etc etc etc. Took me a while to spot it at first.
  12. EssVier

    S3 MTM detail with full write up

    Looks mint mate, will also be alot easier to keep clean and on top of. Where is he based??
  13. EssVier

    S3 V6 conversion

    What the hell was that?>? Blimmin eck lol! Wheelspin to third, I liiike it!
  14. EssVier

    S3 V6 conversion

    Asking for a vid of the exhaust would have been a waste of time, as I knew someone will have doen it loL! That second vid sounds awesome!
  15. EssVier

    S3 V6 conversion

    A VR6 on TT comps? I have just done a sex wee! Bet it sounded raw with that pipe on!
  16. EssVier

    are 350z's quick?

    My mate has one, used to own a 210 S3. Beats it hands down IMO, specially on the noise factor.
  17. EssVier


    No-one bidding on it then? I note its got the optional 'dogging' pack fitted!
  18. EssVier

    Tesco Super 99 dropping rapidly!

    I love Llangenith!! Sorry, had to be said! Good t finally see a dip in fuel prices! !
  19. EssVier

    Aaaaarrrghhh Mr unluckys back yet again, got my S3 back for 1 week then this happens

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What a sweet looking ride mate, gutted for ya! Any ideas of cost?
  20. EssVier

    Silver Leather?

    Do you use your car? Looks so much better than the silver leather in my mate's Ming A3! My ex was dreadful for eating in my S4!! Had all sorts on them seats, and I mean, all sorts!!!