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  1. s15rpy

    Maxton spoiler cap

    Has anyone got pictures of 1 of these fitted?
  2. s15rpy

    Oil pressue light coming on

    Hi My car has been off the road for nearly 1 year due to me working away. Took it out yesterday and only got to the end of the street and oil pressure light came on. Oil pick up pipe was cleaned about 18 to 24 months ago. Could this be just as simple as just a sensor? Thanks in advance for any...
  3. s15rpy

    Parking sensors question

    I've got the chance of the plastic bit for the rear bumper with parking sensors as mine doesn't have any. How difficult would it be to wire up? Thanks in advance.
  4. s15rpy

    Obd tuning box

    Jst a quick question I used to have a dream science obd tuning box for my focus St. As I have now seen the light and got my audi s3 can you get obd tuning box for the audi and if so are they any good.
  5. s15rpy

    Help!! Outer cv boot removal.

    Can someone plz tell me how to get the outer cv joint off the driveshaft. I have the driveshaft off the car and been hitting it with a soft faced hammer but it won't budge. Is there a certain way or place it need to be hit. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. s15rpy

    HELP!!! engine rattle.

    Can anyone help I have a loud rattle coming from the cambelt area of my engine. The rattle speeds up and slows down the faster or slower you go so safe to say it's not getting driven. It's been to a garage they fitted New oil pump but never fixed the problem n now they dnt have a clue. Any help...
  7. s15rpy

    knocking noise

    Can anyone help me plz. Just took the car out today and 2 minutes down the road it started knocking really bad. Sounds like it's coming from the top next to the cambelt. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. s15rpy

    haldex question

    Would it be possible to fill the haldex through the filter hole before putting the new filter in.