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  1. Def-87

    Cracked Alloy 18" S-Line

    Just went to get a slow puncture looked at and they discovered a nice crack on the inside of the passenger front alloy. Now i am on the look out for either a new alloy to match my original one or a replacement set. Didn't know if anyone has the same as this one for sale???? Or if someone...
  2. Def-87

    A4 B7 Fog Light Surrounds

    I don't suppose any of the front fog light surrounds for the s line kicking about. Mine have cracked and struggle to hold in the aperture.
  3. Def-87

    B7 Oil Filter Housing leak at bottom

    Right went to audi this morning to pick up service parts for servicing my a4 b7 2.0 tfsi quattro. Before i removed the oil filter housing i had noticed over past couple of weeks there was small leak coming from the bottom. This afternoon i have just replaced oil and oil filter with new seal...
  4. Def-87

    Temperature drops when driving on main roads???

    ​I've had my a4 b7 for a year now and recently I have noticed that when I am driving around town it will sit at 90 degrees. When I am on the main roads doing 70-80mph the temperature gauge drops to 70-75 degrees?? Is this normal? Do I need to replace sensors? Or the temperature sensor? Any...
  5. Def-87

    B7 Diverter Valve

    Have just removed my DV today and as i expected my suspisions were true. It has perished and under boosting. Has anyone replaced it with genuine audi part, if so have you got a rough price?
  6. Def-87

    Looking for Symphony Headunit for B7

    hello im looking for a symphony headunit to fit my a4 b7 as i have lost the code for mine. the original stereo has part number 8E0035195M Is there anyone looking to sell one that has a code with theres, would very much appreciate it duncan