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  1. ClubSandwich


    Anyone any idea what this 'rubbing' noise could be coming from the front driver side of my PFL Rs3? Has been serviced and checked recently. I thought it was coming from the brakes but mechanic found nothing untoward relating to the brakes. Audi and an indy both found nothing. Bizarre! This car...
  2. ClubSandwich

    Potential RS3 Purchase - Advice Sought

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I recently test drove a Nardo Grey 2015 RS3 with 50k miles on the clock. Have been after one of these for a while but they never come up locally so was really excited to drive this when it appeared in the classifieds. It’s a faux black edition with (what I...
  3. ClubSandwich

    Audi S3 8V Manual - Res Delete

    Hi I currently own a Manual '17 S3 8V and am looking into a Res delete to enhance the exhaust sound from the vehicle. Basically I'm hoping for more 'pops and bangs' whilst the car is in Dynamic mode, and for the exhaust sound to remain relatively inoffensive/stock whilst in Eco/Comfort modes...
  4. ClubSandwich

    New User - Ara Blue fl

    Hi guys Purchased a fl S3 back in November and only getting round to making a thread now having been a long time lurker. Look forward to connecting with you all. Cheers