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  1. EssVier


    One of my faves!
  2. EssVier

    Just been catching up on Ashes to Ashes

    Mid 90's could only mean this!
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    What was the donor car dya reckon? Kinda like giving a liver to George Best! It looks like it had the elephant from the old 206 advert, to sit on the panels to get em into place! Nasty.
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    Im in love!
  5. EssVier

    My S4 up for sale

    Beautiful example, a credit to you! This would be the only standard S4 id look at.
  6. EssVier

    quattro or not?

    Haha, the non-scientific approach, and also saves getting dirty! Result! :kissmyrings:
  7. EssVier

    has this got to be the worst car on ebay?

    Qoute of the day, riiiiiight there :respekt:
  8. EssVier

    Quick video with new downpipes fitted

    Ahem, videos of the said tunnel runs please geez! I wish id recorded my S4 going through the Newport tunnels, that was heaven loL! :busted_cop:
  9. EssVier

    a good seller, thank you post

    Get a room guys lol!
  10. EssVier

    S4 avant 2.7 or Volvo 2.3 T5 estate

    S4 all the way. Im a huge fan of the 850, but after being out in both, and owning the S4, it wins hands down. My love of estate cars stems from when they had the 850 in the touring cars.
  11. EssVier

    Snow day!!!!!

    Hasnt snowed here since Thursday, but the temp hasnt been over freezing, so got some nice hardpack ice on my drive, makes getting into my garage fun, not! Im the only one with half a brain in my flats, there is a massive yellow grit bin, which I am the only one to grit the roads! I hope it...
  12. EssVier

    dump valves??????????????????????????????

    That Fiesta sounds mint, dont see that many of em round nowadays though! I miss having a petrol turbo car :-(
  13. EssVier

    How much do stairs cost?

    Abertawe boy bach?
  14. EssVier

    Merry Christmas

    Small piece of useless information, but I had a reefer on Coronation Street when we visited it way back when I was in college! Merry Christmas everyone, I spent the day at me folk's house, eating and drinking to excess. Heads a bit fuzzy now mind!
  15. EssVier

    Official B5 RS4 "Outlaw" Sedans Round The World Thread.

    The first orange one makes me go weak! Very nice. Looking at this thread, makes me miss my B5 so much, I could and will, kick myself!
  16. EssVier

    UK vs US

    The US S4 had 250bhp, in-line with their strictor emission controls. Also, the bumper differed. They started there in 2000 so iirc, they only got the post 99.5 facelifted model. Was also available as an auto box.
  17. EssVier

    New lights on the S4

    Love it, looks mean as! My next car will be an Avant for sure!
  18. EssVier

    doug's mrc special video

    Sweet, sweet car! Makes me miss my S4 more though :-( Wouldn't of minded some shots of the winning RUF, they have always been a fave of mine, the Yellowbird was and still is a serious car! One day!
  19. EssVier

    Money Pits?

    Sounds like you need a word with Sienna matey!! He's doing just that! :hubbahubba:
  20. EssVier

    S4 B5 Remap

    Invest in a boost leak tester, and train your ears to listen out for probs. Also a boost gauge is wise. The boost leak testers come up on fleabay every now and then, or ask members who are local if ya can borrow one. I sold all my stuff with my S4 when she went, and by christ I dont half miss...