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  1. Rob C

    Hadlex pump failure

    Pre Facelifts are Gen 2, Facelifts are Gen 4 Just sell it, it's a shed anyway!
  2. Rob C

    AMI Lightning Cable

    I've just purchased an AMI Lightning cable but it's not being recognised. Does anyone else have one and confirm the part number of the cable? Thanks
  3. Rob C

    Leshkin's Sepang Blue S3 Money Pit Project

    Must have got the wrong end of the stick. So what would you gain from a DSG map?
  4. Rob C

    Leshkin's Sepang Blue S3 Money Pit Project

    Am I right in thinking you've said you went for an APR map because they are designed to work without A DSG map? But now you're saying you're going to get an APR map for your DSG? I don't see your logic...
  5. Rob C

    Off to R-Tech Saturday :)

    R-Tech will do a health check before mapping but you should take your car there in the best possible condition, i.e. fix / replace anything you know needs doing. I'm a happy R-Tech Stage 1 customer
  6. Rob C

    My S3 Build Thread

    How come you're moving away from the B8s? And did you go for the B14 of B16s?
  7. Rob C

    S3 KWE - my build thread (it will be slow progress...)

    Strangely I have just had a LED number plate bulb fail on me but it didn't bring up an error on the dash. They were purchased from Trups a few years back, I bought some replacements from Trups and everything is back to normal.
  8. Rob C

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    The box at the front is sat the only way possible so maybe they have changed it slightly on newer version.
  9. Rob C

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    This was the pipe that was rubbing on mine...
  10. Rob C

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    Comparing your photo to mine, it appears your canister sits a lot further forward than mine. Maybe mine needs adjusting on the hose joining the two pipes together but I'm pretty sure it was as far forward as we could get it.
  11. Rob C

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    My VWR almost rubbed all the way through a pipe, fortunately my mechanic noticed it just in time. The replacement pipe is now reinforced with another piece of hose on top. I would go with the Revo unless you want something a little quieter then an enclosed filter such as the VWR would be the...
  12. Rob C

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    I had to adapt the bracket that attaches to the front so it sat properly, cut away some of my TTS engine cover and move some pipes to the left of the canister so they don't rub. They are more restrictive than the Revo etc but would like to know how much of a difference it would make at Stage 2+
  13. Rob C

    Disabling Brake Pad Wear Indicator VCDS S3 8P

    I did exactly this, works perfectly!
  14. Rob C

    Passing 100k s3

    What was wrong with your rear diff if you don't mind me asking? And did you replace it a new or a second hand diff? Just asking as mine is whining and I'm looking at options to repair/replace it.
  15. Rob C


    This is crazy. I only ready over it very quickly but are you doing anything with the door mirrors? As the facelift mirrors have the indicators in them.
  16. Rob C

    S3 KWE - my build thread (it will be slow progress...)

    Do you have a photo of it now its been raised again? So I'm guessing its now sitting at 10mmF and 5mmR?
  17. Rob C

    Passenger door handle not working

    I did a scan on with VCDS and it came up with this fault... Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. Labels:. 1K0-959-702-MAX3.clb Part No SW: 8P0 959 802 M HW: 8P0 959 802 M Component: Tuer-SG H04 0100 Coding: 0000560 Shop #: WSC 00012 000 00000 VCID...
  18. Rob C

    Passenger door handle not working

    My passenger door handle appears to be playing up intermittently. When you unlock the car sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The door always opens using the internal handle though. Anyone got any ideas what it could be?
  19. Rob C

    Revo + TTS cover

    I disassembled mine and got the local body shop to spray it but I'm thinking about re doing it soon so the details above will come in handy
  20. Rob C

    Leshkin's Sepang Blue S3 Money Pit Project

    Whats the reason for going back to a Revo cone filter from your ITG?