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    Really quick tyre pressure question

    Hi guys, ive changed my wheels on my A3 3.2Q from 17s to 18s (genuine audi BBS CH/Pescaras) on 225/40/18 Goodyear Eagle F1s. What tyre pressure should i be putting in? Im currently running 32psi all round as per tyre fitters reccomendations for my old mk5 GTI on the same size tyres/wheels. Had...
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    A3 3.2 - Misfire is back again :(

    Hi there, when i bought my A3 3.2 back in march it had a misfire so i took it into Audi for the coilpack recall and software update, it ran fine for a few days and although its still not jerky like it used to be the misfire is back. When i say misfire it sounds like a motorbike bogging out sort...
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    3.2 brand new clutch/flywheel knocking

    Hello :) I had a brand new clutch slave cylinder and flywheel fitted last week and ever since i can feel/hear a knocking noise from the floor area which goes away when the clutch is pressed. Is this normal or have i broke it already? (If thats even possible)
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    Rs3 exhaust tips on 3.2

    Hi does anybody know if just the tips from an RS3 will fit over my OEM 3.2 tips? Mine are really corroded and ive found some genuine RS3 tips for £30 so seems like a nice cheap option for now :) Thanks in advance
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    Bargain for someone

    Spotted these on ebay genuine 18" bbs ch's, unsure if theyre 5x100 or 5x112 he just says vauxhall fitment, bargain for somebody though
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    Used clutch and flywheel - worth it?

    Hi my clutch and flywheel need replacing in my 2005 3.2, ive priced up for a new slave cylinder, clutch and flywheel and its come in at just shy of £500 brand new, or ive been offered used parts with a 28 day guarantee for £80, would you take the gamble? Its £420 i could do without spending at...
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    Do A3 3.2 and TT 3.2 use the same clutch?

    Hi, my car will not go into gear (i have another thread for that), worst case scenario my clutch is knackered, ive been pricing up a clutch and flywheel and its coming in at about £450 for LUK, the equivalent clutch and flywheel for the TT 3.2 seems to be a lot cheaper so was just wondering if...
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    A3 3.2 Manual hard to get in gear at high revs

    Hi guys, My cars developed a problem tonight that it has definatly never done before, basically when im driving normal gear changes are all smooth and easy as they should be and as its been since i bought it, but when driving hard it can be really stiff to get in gear. Getting the car out of...
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    Daves Red 3.2 Budget Build - Progress Thread

    Hi there, i'm relatively new to the forum and havent posted any pics of my car up yet so i decided to start a progress thread :) Anyway a little bit about me, im 24 and have been driving VWs since i passed my test so ive upgraded to an Audi, heres my old cars: 2002 1.0 Polo (bought standard) -...
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    Anybody bought a replica RS3 front bumper?

    Has anybody bought one of th ereplica RS3 front bumpers off ebay? Just wondering what the quality and fitment is like? Ive been quoted £450 for the front bumper inc. grills and wider front wings which is a quarter of the price of genuine parts (realistically its replica or nothing for me i...
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    What bumper/grill combo is this?

    Looking for some ideas to sprice up the front of my 3.2, i have got a 09 facelift front end which i havent yet fitted but its the non s line version so im not a massive fan, then i saw this: Judging by the aftermarket headlights and indicators on the wings its a pre facelift and ive only...
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    40 profile on 19s?

    Hi, just looking for a bit of advice, Would it be possible to run 19s on my 3dr 8p A3 with 235/40/19s? Ive never had 19s before (my last 2 cars were mk5 GTIs) and couldnt imagine driving on 235/35s ony daily comute, the ride was bad enough on my old gti on 225/40/18s. Will there be a lot of...
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    What headlights are these?

    I dont know how to upload pics on here so i will have to show a link to the car, basically ive been looking for a cheaper alternative to drls before i facelift my car and came accross this car for sale on gumtree, i have no interest in the car just the lights :D...
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    Facelifting my 8p - Custom DRLs?

    Hi, i have recently bought a 2005 3.2 A3 and i am looking to do the 2009-2012 facelift conversion. I have acquired both wings, bonnet and front panel so far and on my next payday im looking to buy the headlights. Now heres my questions/theories etc :idea: Basically im not willing to pay £800...
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    A3 3.2 Engine Problems

    Hello im a new member, ive just bought my first Audi after having a mk5 GTI for a couple of years... I only Bought the car yesterday its a 2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro, its done 73k miles so far and has full upto date service history etc although a service is due in 3 weeks time. The problem im...