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  1. Solberg

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

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    Rupes making my life easier

    Glad you found value for your money :D But that said your LHR15ES is a DA machine. DA stands for "dual action polisher", which means that it is not just spinning (like a rotary polisher) but it is also throwing randomly around. This is what makes these machines so excellent and easy to work...
  3. Solberg

    Rupes making my life easier

    I use Rupes DA machines as well, extremely easy machines to work with, especially when you are a newbie but just as good machines for a pro, steady and strong! The rupes polishing compounds is also nice, good smells compared to fex menzarena. The blue one is a bit dusty though. I got the Rupes...
  4. Solberg

    Which is best ?

    Degreaser, tar remover, wheel cleaner. Wait for a few. Blast foam on paint and wheels, and wait a few more. Scrub wheels while waiting. Pressure wash. Ready for soap and hand wash. Bucket with grit guard, soap with wax for smooth swamping with a very soft washing glove(sheep wool fex)...
  5. Solberg

    Window Cleaner

    Firstly the best thing you can do whatsoever is to use a microfiber towel for glass, super important, regular microfiber or anything else is **** for glass. Away from that most glass cleaners made for detailing Ive tried have been good, my favorite is Svisswax Crystal tho.
  6. Solberg

    Spray on wax

    Best ever spray wax Ive used must be Meguiars D156 Synthetic X-press Spray Wax, its mostly made for professional use so I buy it off my local detailer shop. It can be applied both wet and dry. I use it when im done washing the car while its still wet, spray on small panels at a time and wipe off...
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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Wet sanding = kabaam
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    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    Svisswax Shield