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    This might be of interest to 2016/17 B9 owners

    Am I right in saying there is nothing legally binding then? I've heard stories of court orders and all that and for sake of £800 ish i don't black marks against me. I've checked my original contract and there is nothing in there for VT T&C's...
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    This might be of interest to 2016/17 B9 owners

    Evening all, can i ask some advice on the excess mileage. I am in the process of VT on my Audi A7 (just over 3 years into a 4 year PCP). My contract was 20k per annum and i've done 68k and have had confirmation my max expected mileage is 62k. Should I, could I contest this? Is it worth the...
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    272bhp tdi A7

    Interesting point about about the consumption on the RS3... i have a 2016 A7 272 BE and i'm also averaging 38mpg so i can certainly live with that... I love the car and as been mentioned it's certainly quick enough for a big heavy car, but I've been mulling the thought of changing for an RS3 but...
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    Hi all. Have just purchased my first Audi in the way of an A7. I'm new here so thought I'd post some pics the day I collected. Love the car
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    A7 Newbie

    Thanks chobbit it really is an awesome car. It has Tech Pack, reverse camera, head up display, matrix LED etc. So much come as standard on the A7 black edition anyway. The only option I added on my original A6 BE order was tech pack so all the extras it came was a no-brainer
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    A7 Newbie

    Hi all. New to site but thought I'd post some pics of my new A7 BE 272. Was a replacement for an A6 I had ordered but the delivery date kept getting pushed back so Audi gave me a really good deal on this. Very pleased and such an awesome car