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    Airbag randomly exploded? Wtf

    Hi, I am posting on behalf of my GF, she was driving her car today (VW POLO 1.4 2006) and out of nowhere the passenger side seat airbag exploded, there was nobody else in the car apart from her and there is no damage to the car anywhere. None of the other airbags went off, only the passenger...
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    130k mile service

    My 2007 a3 tdi quattro 170 has just hit 130k miles, still going strong. Due a service soon and would like to know if theres anything specific i may as well get done at this time other than oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter etc? Had new gearbox oil 5k miles ago along with a kevlar clutch...
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    Head unit quiet speakers

    Fitted an android headunit from eBay on my 2007 A3. The rear speakers and sub are noticeably quieter than the previous stock audi symphony unit. With the previous unit the bass was so strong and punchy that the rear glass used to vibrate and sound quality in general was nice and even. Does...
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    Blower Motor

    My fan was making a weird noise for a few months now which disappeared when the fan is off and over the weekend stopped working completely, i put the fan on full via the.climate control dashboard and it still pushes out no air. Checked fuse 40 for the blower, its a 40amp fuse, seemed to be fine...
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    Coolant light

    Coolant light came on my car and has kept coming on for a few days now, the coolant reservoir is full, after driving the car for a few seconds the light goes off. Car is using no oil and theres no symptoms of head gasket gone, could it be air in the system as I had it drained a few weeks ago...
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    Gloss black or carbon fibre?

    So my b pillar was badly peeling so decided to order some gloss black vinyl, but found some carbon fibre effect one in the attic, ended up wrapping it in that to get some practise now im not sure which one will look best, what you reckon, stick with carbon fibre or gloss black?
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    Gearbox oil help

    Getting clutch and flywheel changed soon so this will be a good time to change the gearbox oil, what type and quantity of oil do I require for an a3 quattro 2.0 tdi? Thank you
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    270BHP TDI Quattro

    I love my A3 sportback 2.0 TDI, only problem is I've got used to the speed/power of the 170PPD engine and want something a bit quicker. Unfortunately an S3 sportback is WAY out of my budget so I've been pondering making some modifications to my car. Uprated DMF/Kevlar clutch. Hybrid...
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    Is my dmf knackered

    On low revs (under 2000) when in motion but never at idle I hear a vibration noise, if i press the accelerator or press the clutch down it goes away. Is this a sign the DMF is on its way out? Cheers.
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    Speaker upgrade

    The subwoofer in particular in my 8P sportback isn't as bassy as I would like, I was wondering how I would go about installing a new amp and subwoofer? I am a COMPLETE NOOB to this audio stuff and have no idea what kind of money I would need to spend and what needs to be done.
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    LED interior + numberplates

    Just received these from @t8ups today, inside now looks fantastic as does the numberplate area. Definitely a must do mod! Not pricey either. Didnt take any befores as it wasnt dark but heres how it looks. Very pleased.
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    Backbox removal

    Had my DPF removed on my A3 Quattro 2.0 170 and the exhaust now sounds a lot nicer, saw that a few people also reccomend cutting out the backbox and replacing it with a straight pipe. I've had a price from a local powerflow centre for £150, so I wanted to ask is the silencing effect of the...
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    RNSE Alternative

    So since I bought my car I wanted to buy an RNSe, unfortunately the only ones I could afford were way out of my budget, the affordable ones were definitely stolen and I just wouldnt feel right knowing that Bought this for £280 from china its absolutely fantastic, quad core, android 4.4.4...
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    are these safe?

    I have heard of some bulbs blowing the wiper motor on the audi a3 and was wondering if something like these would be safe? They are the same wattage as the originals and claim to just be plug and play? As simple as replacing a bulb...
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    Lowering springs

    Does anyone know where I can buy some compatible lowering springs for my 2007 a3 sportback 2.0 tdi quattro s line? I have 18" alloys and would like to eliminate the wheel arch gap. Would 45mm be adequate? I dont want any tyre rubbing. Thanks,
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    Anyone have any links or models of reasonably priced dashcams? I'm looking to buy one due to the sheer amount of idiots I have experienced on the road. Cheers.
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    Gearbox oil change

    Audi say its sealed for life but would any of you recommend getting the oil changed anyway? Not experiencing any problems but cars covered 120k miles
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    strange vibrations

    Just had the rear left anti roll bar droplink replaced and now there is a weird noise during low revs when I accelerate/decelerate, sounds similar to a loose trim/vibrating plastic, i thought it might have been a loose engine cover. Car wasn't doing this before hand so is it safe to assume that...
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    Rear diff & gearbox oil

    Hi, I have recently replaced my haldex oil & filter and as my car has 120k miles I would like to also replace the rear diff oil and gearbox oil as a preventative measure as to my knowledge they have never been done before, audi say they are sealed for life but I don't trust that. Can somebody...
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    Vinyl Wrap

    Getting a bit tired of my Avus Silver A3 want to change it up to maybe gloss white, can't afford a respray so was thinking of getting it wrapped, are vinyl wraps any good? Any particular downsides to them?