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    How easy is it to change the pas pump

    Looks like I will need to change the power steering pump on my b8 2.0 tdi (caga) as 2 garages are now not sure why my steering is heavy. How easy is it? Does anyone have a guide or helpful hints? Hoping I can do it without removing the fromt bumper. Any pointers or help would be great!
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    Part Number Help

    i’m normally ok with finding part numbers but this one has stumped me. I have a fault with my air intake temperature (g42). Fault is: 5552 - Intake Air Temp Sensor (G42) P0111 - inplausible signal The car is a 2.0tdi CAGA engine. Can anyone tell me what the part number is of the sensor pls...
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    Please help! Front Right Brake Binding (not caliper)

    Hi Folks, This one is driving me mad and could really do with some help. My front right brake is binding and holding the car back. It's been getting red hot compared to the others. I fitted new discs, pads and flexi hoses (both sides) 2 months ago which seem to have cured the issue above...
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    Front brakes warped again!

    Hi there, hoping someone can help... I had my front brake pads, discs and hoses replaced 3 months ago due to warped brakes as a result of sticking front brakes. I was told by mechanic tbat the hoses most likely had caved in and stopped return. 3 months and 10,000 miles later they are warped...
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    Recovering from service costs!

    Well I knew it was coming but still hurts! My cambelt and oil servicewas due. Plus my brakes at the front started to stick and warp the discs. Mechanic found that the hoses have collapsed on the inside (is this common??) and boiled the fluid. Both sides. Calipers were ok apparently. So new...
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    2009 a4 electric seat problem

    Hi all, i've been a long member on ukpassats and recently (about a year ago) bought an a4 b8 143 tdi. It has electric heated seats which are lovely but recently I noticed the driver's seat wobbles back and forth. Some days its noticeable some days its not. I'm worried it will be an MOT fail...