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  1. Jason Riley

    P0171 system too Lean

    Thank I've just checked all hoses for leaks and cleaned maf sensor with cleaner will see if that works if not I will put stock back on. Surely no one else has this issue? The kits made for the s3??
  2. Jason Riley

    P0171 system too Lean

    Hi So I installed Ram air induction kit and I'm getting engine management light on with P0171 system too lean? Anyone had same problem that can help does the maf need cleaning? Thanks
  3. Jason Riley

    Drivers door not working or locking alarm going off

    Hi having problems with audi s3 8p regarding drivers door is not working or locking. Is this setting off the alarm too!? As thats going off when i lock car. The lights dont flash when locking and drivers door dosent lock. I checked the wires to the door they seem fine Please help im leaving car...