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  1. Steve 891

    Dashcam Hardwiring

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. However still confused over which fuse to use as the thread identifies 2
  2. Steve 891

    Dashcam Hardwiring

    I have a Nextbase 320GW dashcam which was hardwired into my A4 by Halfords. Having upgraded to 2018 A5 Coupe I want to hardwire the dashcam. My question is which fuse do I piggyback off. Totally inexperienced amateur trying to save some hard earned money. TIA
  3. Steve 891

    Audi 8P3 LED DRL/SIDELIGHT upgrade bulb

    Hi t8ups I'm looking for some Cree bulbs for my 2011 A3 Ideally I would like to replace all the factory fit with Cree bulbs, DLR, side dipped, main and fogs Which Cree bulbs would I need and how much including P&P
  4. Steve 891

    Help Needed

    Hi All Can anyone help me. Im looking for an adaptor that plugs into a none bose subwoofer 8P4 035 382 to fit my A3 Thanks Steve
  5. Steve 891

    Chorus to Concert upgrade

    Hi All I brought my 1st A3 a month ago 2009 1.9 TDIe. I have decided to upgrade the HU as the Chorus with front speakers wasnt doing it for me. I have managed to source a Concert II HU, subwoofer and rear speakers, really cheap, but have no idea how all this will fit together. Has anyone else...
  6. Steve 891

    Arm Rest

    Im also after an armrest if anyone has one they would like to sell. Either cloth or leather, but must be dark grey
  7. Steve 891

    Help Please

    I have just started my first mod on my 2009 1.9TDIe. I have decided to install front fogs, I have purchased all the parts. When I replaced the headlight switch and turned on my DRL`s it turned on my side lights at the same time. I think I have brought the wrong switch, so I contacted my local...
  8. Steve 891

    GROUPBUY: - Canbus LED bulbs to replace halogen DRL bulbs

    Hi Andi1 I have just tried to order a set of PS19 for my 2009 A3 and got the following message 263: Unfortunately we are unable to process your request at this time. Please contact Customer Support quoting "REFURL01" if you require further assistance
  9. Steve 891


    Thanks Trups Just been to Stoke Audi and ordered them. Will have them on Thursday. Will put some pics up when done. Thanks again for your help Steve
  10. Steve 891


    Hi trups Do you mean these Audi A5 LED number plate light (Left) 4H0943021 - Stoke Audi Parts Sorry new to all this Thanks Steve
  11. Steve 891


    Hi Trups, Do you have any of the ice white halogen festoon bulbs left? I would like a set for my 2009 A3 SB Thanks Steve
  12. Steve 891

    New member with question

    Come on Quattro, I asked you to be gentle with me Lol
  13. Steve 891

    New member with question

    Hi all please be gentle with me as im new to this site. I have just brought my first Audi A3 sportsback 2009, 1.9 TDIe and i would like to retro fit the armrest. Having read the various posts on this im confident in my ability to do this. My question is has anyone got an armrest for sale or...