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  1. poli84

    Coilover Help: What are these?

    I've had very squeaky rear Bilstein PSS10 coilovers for a while and just now, I pulled the rear wheels off and had a look. Upon removing the blue guillotine sleeve (pulling it down), I noticed these broken yellow foam sleeves. The RHS has both broken, the LHS has just one broken. Can anyone...
  2. poli84

    Squeaking/Creaking Rear Coilovers

    I've have my PSS10's installed for over a year but in the last 2 months, the rear have developed a low speed creaking/squeaking sound. This is low speed manoeuvres, taking off in particular, slowing down and over angulated driveways. Started off very faint and on the odd occasion, now it's all...
  3. poli84

    S3/A3 Ideal Ride Height - help needed

    I've got PSS10's installed in my S3 Sportback with the fronts wound down all the way and the rear's just a little higher. I love the look but the scrapping (and sometimes rubbing) is starting to wear very thin. In most situations, I can get in and out of a drive/over a bump without scraping the...
  4. poli84

    8V Key

    I don't think this has been posted but can someone please post a picture of their 8V key? I think i read that they are still using a physical key...?
  5. poli84

    Relocating Handbrake AUX-In

    I've done some searching but can't find the answer I am after. I want to re-route the centre console AUX-IN (next to the handbrake), so that it comes out in either the cup holder (under the arm rest) or in the arm rest itself. The reason for this is I don't like visible cables and I want to...
  6. poli84

    Exhaust noise suddenly louder

    I was driving in weekend heavy traffic and suddenly noticed that my exhaust got louder. Noise is obviously coming from the engine side and not the muffler end. Almost as if there is suddenly a hole somewhere. Car is idling fine, power seems there, just much louder and certainly does not sound...
  7. poli84

    Poli84's Sprint Blue S3 Build Thread

    Poli84’s Sprint Blue S3 Since I have finally begun getting the mods done on my car, thought I would begin a build thread. I purchased the car in December 2010, the specs are as follows: · 2009 MY10 S3 Sportback · Sprint Blue · 6 Speed Manual Factory options: Upgraded...
  8. poli84

    Which is the correct H&R Spacer?

    I posted this question in one of the recent 'spacer help' threads but didn't get a response so apologies for asking another spacer question. I'm about to order some H&R Spacers but the company I am ordering through keeps sending me different part numbers. I am after 10mm front and 12mm rear...
  9. poli84

    TTS Engine cover for S3

    Does anyone know which TTS engine cover fits the S3? I've been told by Audi that there are 2 kinds. Is it the belt or chain variant? I would assume that a belt makes more sense (considering the S3 is belt driven) but just wanted to double check before ordering.
  10. poli84

    Engine cover trimming

    I'm sorry if it is obvious but i've searched here and google but can't find the answer. Can someone please direct me to instructions on how to trim your engine cover to fit a CAI?
  11. poli84

    Lenso Wheels on an 8P

    Before you give me **** about running non OEM wheels, these are for the track only. Just a cheap set that I have picked up off a mate to run some Toyo R888s. Has anyone run Lenso wheels on their A3/S3? I'm guessing I will need conical bolts and hub centric rings?
  12. poli84

    TSI Engine cover on TFSI

    As we all know, when you fit an aftermarket air intake such as an Evoms or Forge, you lose the ability to fit engine cover (something I am not fond of). I notice that the 2.0T TSI engine has the detached airbox (unlike the TFSI) with a separate engine cover. Is it possible to fit this engine...
  13. poli84

    Clicking sound from under the dash

    Over the last couple of months, my car has developed a clicking or tapping sound under the dash. It started off only happening driving home from work but now it is all of the time. A/C on or off. Hot or cold. It does it all the time. Sounds like it is coming from under the steering wheel and...
  14. poli84

    Torque Arm Insert

    All TAI list 2 products - FSI engines TSI engines 2009+ My S3 is an MY10 but I thought it was an FSI engine (not a TSI). Which TAI do I order?
  15. poli84

    Pic Request: Lowered S3, OEM wheels

    Had a big look around but can't find what i'm after. Looking for an 8P3 (facelift) S3 with the OEM facelift wheels but lowered. Looking to install H&R springs with a 25mm drop and want to see how the car will look with the OEM wheels and decide whether new wheels are high on the list or not...
  16. poli84

    S3: Miltek DP only

    Is it possible to install just a Miltek 3" DP on my S3 and (for now) leave the standard cat-back? I know you can do this with the APR DP, but can you also with a Miltek? I ask because I can get my hands on a cheap Miltek Downpipe but don't have the $$$ to upgrade the Cat-back as of yet.
  17. poli84

    S3 wheels weights

    Does anybody know the weight of the standard S3 wheels (facelift model)? I'm looking at getting a second set of wheels with track tyres for track days (cheap second hand ones from an A6) and wanting to know if there is going to be a huge weight sacrifice... i know the A6 wheels are 8" wide where...