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  1. PanamaS3

    Track day at Fuji Speedway with AUDI Sport team Hitotsuyama.

    what a fantastic looking day! nice one
  2. PanamaS3

    Turbo Problem HELP Required asap

    I've got RS7 plugs on mine (they are one stop colder which you need at Stage 2)....had zero issues with those for almost 2 years.
  3. PanamaS3

    Coolant issue

    either a leak somewhere or air in system which needs bleeding out is my prognosis (I'd say latter) having had similar have many others on here on multiple platforms. flush system.....pressurize overnight and check for leaks....none found then refill with proper once...
  4. PanamaS3

    Stage 2, worth it?

    its better to do plugs one step colder as soon as its tuned, at least Stage 2 onwards. hpfp may or may not be needed, but I'd guess it is needed on anything but the latest model year...tuner will tell you.
  5. PanamaS3

    Stage 2, worth it?

    yes, once you've spent the money to do Stage 2 properly you are almost there
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    found it
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    watched a video on YT last night from LLF (living life fast).....75 year old guy with the Stage 3 Golf R.....absolutely mental....all done by MRC with latest Turbo Technics turbo (V5?....think its a prototype).....held back to around 600bhp.....check it out
  8. PanamaS3

    Stage 2, worth it?

    At Stage 1 I felt like the car had excellent acceleration but ran out of steam at the top end in gears....Stage 2 fixes that. However its a value based decision and depends on how long you plan to keep the car. Personally I think Stage 2 is amazing and makes it hard to want to change the...
  9. PanamaS3

    Saloon Ordering an RS3 soon. I have some questions.

    I would say that any of the tuner companies who do a lot of R&D and have minimal reports of issues would be the safest bet. I can't say that means APR is the safest bet, but I have had Stage 1 and then Stage 2 for well over 2 years on my car now and I live in Panama where fuel quality is very...
  10. PanamaS3

    Saloon Ordering an RS3 soon. I have some questions.

    seeing as you are a bit warranty wary you should probably first suss out your local dealer who is providing the warranty to see how "mod friendly" they are.....I'm not saying this will mean they would turn a blind eye to stuff, but to keep you as a customer they may at least give you some...
  11. PanamaS3

    Saloon New wheels have arrived

    Nice....classic wheel....wide going to look guessing those wheels are pretty light?
  12. PanamaS3

    S3 tuning - beyond "stage 1"

    Tuning companies offer a Stage 1 remap (ECU) which usually only needs improving/changing your air intake/restrictions into the turbo...but its not necessary. If you have a DSG then its recommended to remap the TCU also (to improve clamping pressure) and best done by the same tuning company as...
  13. PanamaS3

    Searching for missing parts...

    try this website which I have used before:
  14. PanamaS3

    My First Audi

    i find this tool very useful when eating sushi rolls :)
  15. PanamaS3

    My First Audi

    welcome to the forum @Ron240 .....lovely looking car mate...great colour and wheels I find "comfort" mode best in normal driving, then just flick the stick over into Sport a few seconds in advance of overtaking. I don't like pulling away in Sport as it is a bit jerky....but once on the move its...
  16. PanamaS3

    Saloon Ordering an RS3 soon. I have some questions.

    if you go with PPF its worth it as they are usually 'self healing' (upon applying some heat)....but if someone keys the car it will go through and there's not much stopping that alternatively you could do a ceramic coating both are good investments as the guys above said....if you are worried...
  17. PanamaS3

    not a comparison thread (yet)

    yes, I think that although the lowered version looks great....I'd rather put wider tyres on with a taller sidewall as that has saved my bacon now on several occasions with potholes versus my previous lower profile tyres....and in my opinion gives it more of a race car look plus the benefits...
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    How much more petrol does Sport mode uses?

    never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever not use Sport mode :)
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    not a comparison thread (yet)

    nice to hear your more detailed thoughts @monopole thanks for that I've been kicking colours around in my head for a while now....floret being the one that keeps pulling me back....but its interesting to note the psychological effects of an exclusive colour (as you had before) and does...
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    RS5 Sportsback