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  1. poli84

    Coilover Help: What are these?

    Thanks guys, makes complete sense these are bump stops. Also makes sense that they would be broken given the car used to sit lower and on some spirited drives, I've hit full bump at speed which would cause them to break. Given they are bump stops, they certainly would not be the cause of my...
  2. poli84

    Whats best way to get LM reps dish shiny ? Pic inside

    Have you been using Acid wheel wash on them or taking the car to a cleaner who uses a wheel wash containing acid?
  3. poli84

    Coilover Help: What are these?

    I've had very squeaky rear Bilstein PSS10 coilovers for a while and just now, I pulled the rear wheels off and had a look. Upon removing the blue guillotine sleeve (pulling it down), I noticed these broken yellow foam sleeves. The RHS has both broken, the LHS has just one broken. Can anyone...
  4. poli84

    Squeaking/Creaking Rear Coilovers

    I've have my PSS10's installed for over a year but in the last 2 months, the rear have developed a low speed creaking/squeaking sound. This is low speed manoeuvres, taking off in particular, slowing down and over angulated driveways. Started off very faint and on the odd occasion, now it's all...
  5. poli84

    Would these S4 Alloys fit onto an A3?

    They were available on B7 S4's. I think they will fit perfectly fine on an 8P. I ran ET43 18x8 on my old 8P, lowered about an inch, i had rubbing on 235's but clean driving on 225s.
  6. poli84

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Couple of average iPhone pics from the weekend I think it is sitting perfectly for a DD at the moment.
  7. poli84

    Finally picked up my S3

    Car looks good, it's always nice to do the first full detail. On a side note, you might want to clean your camera lens, seems to be smudged in all the photos.
  8. poli84

    S3 front splitter repair/replacement.

    I've replaced mine recently due to similar damage. 3 or 4 screws and then a good yank and it comes off easily, 5 minute job.
  9. poli84

    Stage 2+ S3 v RS3 v S4

    I have a Revo 2+ and I've run both the standard and linear maps. I started my 2+ journey with the linear and didn't like it at all before switching to the regular map. The reasons for my switch to the regular map seem to be the complete opposite of what you are saying. With the linear map, it...
  10. poli84

    MY2010 Car required for LED bulb testing

    Thanks Trups, sounds excellent. Looking forward to your finished work.
  11. poli84

    MY2010 Car required for LED bulb testing

    Good work Trups, looks forward to seeing the finished product. Just to clarify, what exactly have you created? Is it an LED which fits into the OEM housing or is it a new housing containing LEDs? Or is it a wiring loom which enables the OEM A5 LEDs? If it is a replacement LED, how bright are...
  12. poli84

    Audi S3 2007 8P1 Gearbox Whine

    Most definitely. I had it booked in for a gearbox, haldex and rear diff oil change as first port of call, the bill would have come to more than half of the new tyres which were on their way out anyway. i'll still do the oil/fluid changes as good maintenance in the near future but something I...
  13. poli84

    OEM LED Numberplate Lights without errors 2010+

    You definitely have friends with a 2010 (MY10) who have installed the OEM A5 LEDs and have been able to change their coding and get them working?
  14. poli84

    Audi S3 2007 8P1 Gearbox Whine

    Small update for me on this issue, thankfully mine was tyres. The noise got worse for me, in all gears now and much louder, decided to rotate front to back (had done this recently) and the noise has thankfully gone. New tyres are on the cards.
  15. poli84

    15Degrees-North S3 turbo Race Car build

    Congratulations on finishing this beast. Looks fantastic, what an amazing effort. Good luck with your first race, make sure you keep us updated on progress.
  16. poli84

    Audi S3 2007 8P1 Gearbox Whine

    I get whining on deceleration and overrun. Happens in 1, 2 or 3, sound disappears if I put it in neutral or depress the clutch. Anyone else have this issue?
  17. poli84

    S3 Tyre wear

    CSC3 on my S3 have worn in the same way on the fronts. Probably about 20k kms, the front in side edges are down to the wear indicators. Mine are also 'MO'. I'll most likely be replacing with CSC5 when I change up shortly.
  18. poli84

    Standard S3 Brakes

    i've been running Yellowstuff for over a year and am happy with them. The bake dust is certainly less than OEM and I don't get any squealing.