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    FWD Rear Beam Bushes-couple of questions

    I've got a pair of Lemforder rear beam bushes to fit to Vinny,and have a couple of questions. 1. is fitting them a diy or garage job? 2.was talking at adi about them,and it was suggested to fill the voids in them.Is this advisable?and if so,what should I fill them with? thanks in advance Tony
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    right,to get meets off the ground,I have decided on Sunday 10th November,1 pm,location will be The Griffin in Taunton,Blackbrook Park Ave,Taunton TA1 2PX,which is a Harvester and is just off Junction 25 M5. please copy and paste the list,and add your name hope to see you there Tony 1.tony
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    Painting Inlet Manifold

    Just wondered what paint I could use to paint the inlet manifold on my tdi? thanks in advance tony
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    PD150 manifold-what else?

    hi,just got a 150 inlet manifold from a seat Alhambra,and am wondering what else I need to fit it?Am guessing I need all the pipework from the intercooler to the egr from a a4/a6/passat 130/150? thanks tony
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    Quick PD130 manilod question

    Hi,I'm looking for a PD130 inlet manifold,and noticed that Seat Alhambra ones seem easier to get hold of.They appear to be correct for a A4,can anyone confirm this? The part number of one I have found is 038 129 713 AG thanks tony
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    steel boost pipes?

    can you use mild steel to make up boost pipes for a fmic? thanks tony
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    Monthly Meets

    The idea of monthly meets has ben discussed several times,but nothing has come of it.So,I'm thinking of getting them starte.Now,as our region is quite large,and it takes a while to travel en to en,I'm proposing to alternate the meets between Taunton and Plymouth areas.Am thinking Sunday...
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    Audi Dealership Meets

    following a message from Sandra regarding having a meet at an Audi dealership,I'm starting this thread to see if anyone has any ideas,dealership locations etc so we can get the ball rolling thanks Tony
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    ADI convoy thread **TIMES NOW ADDED**

    I know its early,but I thought I'd get the thread started Times etc to be confirmed nearer the time.Please add your name,car and where on the m5 you'd like to meet. Hope to see you there Tony !. Tony A4 starting at Barnstaple
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    B6 caliper carriers

    Just a quick question,do B6 front 312 caliper carriers fit a fwd B5? thanks in advance Tony
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    Anyone got a wiring diagram?

    anyone got a wiring diagram for a 2000 1.9 tdi?Am after the wiring for the seat airbags,as I now have buckets and need to wire in a resister so the airbag light works properly.There are 3 wires going to the seats,1 is an earth and I need to know which wires to connect the resister to. thanks in...
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    ARB drop links

    any tips for fitting new front arb drop links? thanks tony
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    Seat Airbag Resisters

    hi,I'm replacing my front seats with some bucket seats.As my oem seats have airbags in them,I understand I need a resister so the airbag light will not be illuminated. My question is,does anyone know exactly what value I need?And,as there's 3 wires,which wires do I need to connect it to...
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    Front Seat Removal?

    hi,how do you remove the front seats from a 2wd facelift? Also,has anyone got a pic of the inderside of a standard seat? thanks tony
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    EGR Delete questions

    hi,I have made an egr delete for my 2000 audi a4 1.9tdi,ajm engine question is this,ther e a 2 vac pipes,one for the egr and one for the engine shut off,both of these will have nothing to connect to,so what do i do with them? I have noticed the allard kits don't have anywhere for...
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    ******!cracked sump!

    while changing my front arb i noticed a small crack in the sump,about 1/4 inch long.Is there anything I can use for a temp repair?Am thinking something like jb weld? thanks in advance tony
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    Front ARB Bushes

    Hi,am about to change my front arb for a 29mm one,and need to get new bushes.Are Powerflex etc worth the extra cost,or will oem be ok?The car will be getting a small power increase in the future,and maybe a bit of track abuse! thanks in advance tony
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    cts location,pd115

    anyone know where the cts is on my 2000 ajm tdi pd115?For a while now it the temp gauge doesn't get much above 60,today I swapped the thermostat and the gauge stil doesn't seem to be lfting much.Am now thinking that maybe the cts is at fault,so would like to swap that. thanks in advance tony
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    facelift lower rear bumpers...

    do avant and saloons have the same lower rear bumper?(the black textured bit?) thanks tony
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    Saloon Roof Strips Removal

    how do you remove the strips either side of the roof on a saloon?Also,how do they fit back on? thanks in advance tony