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    Add noise to BLIS

    Is there an ability to add an audible warning to the blind spot system if I try to change lanes and someone is next to me like on most other manufacturers?
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    Retro fit headlight washers

    Hello, I’m curious if anyone has retrofit any headlamp sprayers. They never offered it on a e-tron US spec. I am curious what all I would need to get those added to my car. Do i need pumps? Tanks? Hosing? Electrics?
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    Headrest Removal

    I need to remove my front seat headrest and can’t figure out how. Why isn’t there any information anywhere on google or Bing on how to remove them?
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    Retrofit / mod help needed

    Has anyone managed to modify the time on the lane departure warning so it will stay on longer if you regularly drive against the edge of your lane? I tend to drive on the outside line to avoid the lane next to me and my lane departure system hates me. Also I am trying to figure out if it’s...
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    Temporarily Disable Rear Backup Sensors

    I recently had a hitch receiver installed with aftermarket wiring. I am curious if there’s a way to disable the sensors temporarily without having to go in every time and turn down the volume and then turn it back up afterwards. I enabled the camera mode for the trailer so I have the ability to...
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    e-tron Retrofit in AZ needed

    I need to find someone near AZ, USA to help with a future retrofit to put MMI 2 in my 2016 A3 e-tron. I want to get the newer MMI along with gearshift buttons and USB in glove box. Can't find anyone who's done anything even remotely close or would be able to help.
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    Headlight wiring help

    I am looking at installing an LED badge on the front of my car. I have LED lights and DRL. how can I wire my emblem to my DRLs? I don’t know which wires to tap. Can someon please post a picture of which of the harnesses at the front of the car are the DRLs???? The right side DRL would be best.
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    NEED e-tron VCDS help

    While enabling then disabling the traffic sign recognition, I must have clicked something wrong. My 2016 e-tron allows me to hit the "EV" button next to the 'drive select' button above the HVAC controls and it will change the mode in the gauge cluster, but the pop up screen shows an error...
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    Cross traffic monitor

    Has anyone with a prefacelift managed to enable cross-traffic monitor so while backing up, you get a warning if someone is driving in from the side like on the MY17?
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    Steering Wheel Upgrade to Facelift Steering Wheel

    Hello, Has anyone tried to upgrade their standard wheel to the flat bottomed wheel that is on the facelift 8V? The one with the left/right button for music with the volume knob? Is it plug/play or do you need to change something in VagCom? Will it even work, or do you need the MMI v2?
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    Speed Limit Camera

    I tried enabling the speed limit camera and got an error in the cluster that stated a fault. What needs to be enabled to get the speed limits posted in the gauge cluster? Do you need special modules or just enabling more than one adaptation? I have the prestige model which in the US is...
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    Cabin Filter

    any one know where the cabin air filter is located?
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    Facelift Facelift MMI in prefacelift 8V

    i desperately want to update my mmi and steering wheel to the facelift version. Is this possible and what parts do I need. Nobody in the USA has been any help at all.
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    Trailer Hitch

    Has anyone tried to put a trailer hitch on a 5 door? I have an etron and want a trailer hitch but don't know if it's even possible.
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    Headlamp washer retrofit

    has anyone done a headlamp washer retrofit? Would that be possible on an etron? It's basically the same as a sportswagen A3 8V.