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    AUDI A6 2.5 tdi quattro rear brake options??

    Hi All, I've recently replaced my front pads / discs and this weekend am going to do the fluid and swap the hoses for some Goodridge braided items (brake feel is already improved to be fair). Now I'd like to see what option I have for the rears? The current ones are the 10mm solid discs (1KD /...
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    B6 / B7 / C5 Brake Options ???

    Hi All, I have a 2003 A6 avant tdi Quattro (180) and after searching through the various threads I have purchased some 345mm discs with B6 S4 carriers to increase the size a little from the 320mm standard ones. For anybody that has carried out this conversion is there anything else to note or...
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    Spring Rates and Specs

    Couchie, its called modifying. A small increase in height will fix the issue and provide a better set up for my **** local roads. Reducing the aspect ratio will get me round one issue but cause exactly what I am trying to avoid as there will be no flex in the sidewall. The original question was...
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    Spring Rates and Specs

    Why would summer and winter have any difference? 40 / 45 is such a small margin. What info is the fuel cap going to give you if im not running a standard set up?
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    Spring Rates and Specs

    Hi Couchie. Wheels are genuine Audi 18 x 8j with a ET43 offset. The tyres are 235/45/18 on the front and 245/45/18 on the rear but its the front thats the issue. What model is your car?
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    Hi All, Recently became the owner of my 3rd A6 of the C5 generation and the car had as standard the RNS-D head unit fitted with BOSE which to me sounds awful compared tot he previous car had a Concert head unit (Non Bose). I've searched through a lot of the forum posts about this but it seems...
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    Spring Rates and Specs

    Please help me with this as my tyre's are constantly rubbing the arches over bumps in the road. Specifically I am trying to find any information on the 'rough road' specs for the C5 Quattro. Also with regards to the weight ranges / categories am I right in assuming the higher the number or...
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    Spring Paint Marks

    Can anybody tell me what colour the single paint mark is? My understanding is that I 'should' have 1 Brown 2 Grey but that's a weird looking brown to me! Could it be an ornage or yellow? I don't have any other springs to reference the colour from. Thanks guys.
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    Spring Rates and Specs

    Does anybody have the details of the various different spring rates / lengths / part numbers etc.
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    For Sale Brembo Max Discs

    Hi Guys, I've got 2 sets of rear discs for the 245mm versions. Make me an offer. 07827 805804 Cheers Paul
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    Has anybody got a PDF manual they could send me? Thanks.