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    winter wheels/tyers

    not sure about Audi but just have fitted some winters to my bmw, the tyre spec sticker by the drivers door lists the tyre size/rating for winter tyres so those are what i have fitted. Can't remember if the audi stickers list winter tyres, but if they do i can't see any reason to tell the...
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    Looking to buy a B6 1.9 tdi, anyone selling?

    Hey guys, So after my short affair with an S3 i've gotta return to the world of economical driving, looking to buy a B6 1.9 tdi prefer a avant but guess i could live with a saloon. Anyone on here selling theirs? If so PM me your ad or details Please do not reply in this thread..... PM...
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    Oil Catch Can mini group buy anyone? including PCV system simplification.

    hey guys, i had kinda forgotten about the groupbuy :( been really busy and out of the uk last few weeks and it slipped my mind!!! I'm gonna be in singapore til the end of the month, so if people are still interested it might be best if someone else does the GB as i'm planning on...
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    !!!!!Possible bought stolen car HELP!!!!!!

    but do the chassis numbers match, v5, service book and car?
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    !!!!!Possible bought stolen car HELP!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about this :( as has been said above, you need to check all the chassis numbers match, V5c, service book and car. HPI only check the reg number is clean has to be cross referenced with chassis number. You could also trying checking the mot history on the car as it could...
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    old school BNS DX satnav with kenwood headunit?

    Hey, I have a S3 8L 2002 with the build in satnav, i think it's called BNS DX and has the controls next to the handbrake. I want to fit a kenwood headunit but would like to kept the satnav operational, anyone know what i need to do? would a canbus adaptor keep the satnav happy? thanks!!
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    September 11 2001 what were you doing when you heard?

    i was actually at my local audi dealer, mine A3 had packed up on my way to uni and had just been recovered there. Remember calling my dad to tell him and he didn't believe it, and how at first we thought it was an accident......
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    Removing Cam Belt cover..........

    cheers mate , just been had another go and managed to 'persuade' it to come off. Think i'll cut a bit off too, worried about how much it scuff the side of the timing belt when pulling it past thanks!
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    Removing Cam Belt cover..........

    I'm replacing the valve cover and cam chain gaskets, i've got the valve cover off and cleaned it up but i can't actually get the cam belt cover off!! I'm sure on previous 1.8t i've just unclipped then rotated it back and lifted off, it's a BAM any tips for best way to remove it?
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    How do you remove the storage compartment?

    yep it's actually really easy !!!
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    Work on the S3 problem free until....

    RE pipe, if it's bam i think it'll be 06A103213AK should think nearly £30, waste of money just do it in R6 or silicone as the others have said, if that one is bad i'd check the pcv valve and housing together with the right angle oil return also i'd find yourself a new dealer, if they can't...
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    Oil Catch Can mini group buy anyone? including PCV system simplification.

    Hi Dave no not ordered yet, should be looking at around £70 delivered, hopefully will order in about a weeks time, if you want one add your name to this list; S3tle 1Animal1 Thorsy22
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    Oil Catch Can mini group buy anyone? including PCV system simplification.

    It's a shame as dealers must throw away so many of these valve when replacing brake booster pipes, which fail on most vag cars, could go and ask one of the tech's if they could hang on to an old one for you, guess it depends how friendly/helpful your dealer is!!!! i got mine from a Skoda...
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    Cam adjuster Gasket, Cam Cover Paint (Pics)

    cheers guys, i'll pop into halfords
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    Corroding pipe - (Images)

    Basically just have a look at it in your car then pull it all out and it will become much clear what pipes are needed!!
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    Corroding pipe - (Images)

    Your not really gonna know until you pull the pipes out and have a look to see what is damaged. To generalise I would say all the rubber pipes will need doing, hard plastic ones checking they not too brittle, clean and check valves. Yep those are the under manifold pipes from forge, mine...
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    DIY S3 Oil Change

    if your just changing oil+filter might wanna get a replacement sump plug too. how many miles is it on? when and what was done at service?
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    Which hose is this?

    this is what i have used Oil return hose 3/4" 19mm R6 hot oil hose on eBay (end time 29-Aug-10 10:11:21 BST)
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    Which hose is this?

    i have replaced it with 19mm id pipe, think the oem might be slightly smaller maybe 17/18mm id, but 19mm works perfectly well. It's about 250mm long
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    Mirrors Aluminium not chrome!

    i had originally asked a bodyshop about painting them which was going to be about £100 for the pair, then i remembered seeing these rs4 look ones for the Mk4 - OEM & Aftermarket European Parts & Accessories for VW, Audi, BMW, Mini & Porsche they would do them for £45...