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    crap heater

    One of my favourite riders on and off a bike, this is so sad
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    Chrome mirrors for A6

    [ QUOTE ] Lam - I was with Bell first year and then with Admiral (Bell is actually underwritten by Admiral hence exactly same policy) so I don't see why you're having problems. Try to speak to another adviser. [/ QUOTE ] Spoke to a manager who said their T&Cs are different to other...
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    Any RS6 owners on here?

    Hi, I used to have one Truth be told, having a £60k car in my garage gave me sleepless nights and a divorce in waiting I sold it (at full list price) after 2 months and bought a lovely black RS4, which is every bit as quick,....but I do miss that fantastic V8 engine Cheers Paul
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    Looking for an RS4

    I've decided to sell my beloved RS6 and buy something slightly more affordable (for me). I've been taring my hair out trying to think of what to replace the RS6 with...I've considered M5's, M3's, TT's etc. etc. but nothing has really grabbed me. I want something that will be fun to drive but...
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    RS6 Resale value

    Crystal ball time guys. I need some help if I'm to justify keeping the RS6. What is the concensus on resale value for an RS6 Avant after 2 years with average mileage ? Anyone dare to hazard a guess ?
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    RS6 for Sale

    I really don't know John. From the articles I've read so far, the S4 doesn't really seem that "special" and I suspect that it will depreciate faster than the RS6 and I will ultimately loose more on it. My big problem is that my wife simply doesn't see the point of "nice" cars and doesn't like...
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    RS6 for Sale

    I'm very sorry to say that I'm selling my lovely RS6 I absolutely love it, but it's a little too soon for my business to be supporting such a beast so it's something a little more modest for the time being. However, if anyone wants to jump the queue, here is your opportunity. Daytona Grey...
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    forum orders......

    I'm not sure BMW plan to apply the saloon changes to the coupe - somthing I read about giving them all their own individual look. Similarly, their are no plans to put angel-eyes on the X5, to mirror the 5-series, but who knows???