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    Audi a5 2.7tdi upgrade

    If you are not looking to do huge mods, I would recommend you get the DPF removed and go for a Stage 2 remap. This will output a huge gain. If you want more info get in contact.
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    Audi A5 3.0 TDI QUATTRO - Some upgrade advice please guys!

    Hi, We tune cars ourselves and I have dealt with a lot of these over the years, firstly: If you want a good upgrade I would recommend getting your DPF Removed and a performance Air filter alongside a Stage 2 remap (as dpf has been removed). This will transform your car alone and you dont have...
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    S3 MPG -what's yours?

    Dont get me wrong im a cautious driver but if i see an oppurtunity to floor it my s3 is ready haha! Overall great cars!
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    S3 MPG -what's yours?

    Pretty impressive for a turbo petrol!
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    S3 MPG -what's yours?

    I know i was quite shocked to see how much others are getting nearly double what i do. But yes i am very heavy footed. Maybe when i next refill ill try to be steady and see what i get!
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    S3 MPG -what's yours?

    Im being 100% serious - The most ive had from a full tank in the 6000 miles ive done is 210 miles and that is serious good driving. Ill be honest tho my driving styles dynamic ha. When i refuel for full tank £60 odd quid the dash shows 225 miles although when i first bought the car it use to say...
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    Facelift Facelift S3 ordered!

    I was told by my local dealers 'master technician' that the engines don't need bedding in as they are ready at 0 miles, as long as the engine is warm go for it! But im sure other people will have their own opinions.
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    S3 fuel economy

    I have never had more than 180 miles from a full tank so its great to see my car can achieve that!!
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    Facelift Facelift S3 ordered!

    I have an S3 and if you are looking to get an upgraded exhaust system i wouldnt waste your money. I removed the middle box and replaced it with a straight pipe. The sound of the car now is relentless. If somebody didnt know to much about cars they would think its an aventador flying past. If you...
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    We personally tune a lot of these A3's/ Golf - Engine Code BKD, the turbos are generally quite loud/always whining so i would check this first. In general the BKD engines have loads of issues e.g turbo, injectors, cylinder heads etc. I wouldnt let this put you off a remap though as if the...
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    S3 MPG -what's yours?

    From a full tank i usually get around 170 miles - mainly town driving.
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    STX Tuning

    STX Tuning