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  1. S3Alex

    Gonna pop my tuning cherry

    Greenlight Insurance here.....very efficient,helpful and well priced.
  2. S3Alex

    Time for a build thread....big turbo

    Just got the car back from Storm,after sorting out an odd problem.... The car shut down completely,luckily in the car park at work,with a steering warning light. Seemed the steering angle calibration had gone over limits and shut the car down...all sorted now,car serviced and MOT'd and race...
  3. S3Alex

    Revo Stage 3 Map and only just scraped the Emissions test ....

    Another possibility is the fuelling settings in the may very well be running quite high fuelling levels to keep exhaust gas temps down,and that would be the next place I'd look.
  4. S3Alex

    S3 purchase

    I have to agree. I bought mine as a manual and whilst it was good fun and reliable even with more torque,it really doesn’t compare to DSG. I had mine converted to a DQ500 box at Storm Developments and the car is transformed into something way more driveable as well as much quicker.
  5. S3Alex

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    Unfortunately everything on these cars costs.....the pump here is a high pressure direct injection pump rather than the type you're talking about,and is costly. Mine has had an Autotech for around 90k miles(!) and providing they're installed very carefully,they are reliable.
  6. S3Alex

    S3 8P fine with standard map, Nightmare with stage 1 Bluefin - Spark Plugs, Coil Packs or Injectors

    They look nice....even the shockingly expensive Okada coilpacks make only a tiny percentage gain at maximum rpm.
  7. S3Alex

    Milltek decat

    Yes it’s a Powervalve system but it has the dump pipe from the turbo blended into a 90mm system with centre silencers and then one exit from the back box at low boost and a straight through at moderate boost and above.
  8. S3Alex

    Milltek decat

    Occasionally yes but it’s a matter of right place and time unfortunately.
  9. S3Alex

    Milltek decat

    I had a Milltek which was fine although the back box welds did go and it sounded pretty good but the BCS howls at full throttle. Sounds amazing.
  10. S3Alex

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    For sure but it was a custom build as well.
  11. S3Alex

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    It is a fair old trip.....AMD fitted my original exhaust,and the replacement rear box when the first one blew a weld or two(which to be fair to Milltek,they replaced out of the warranty period),but I had my car trailered up to BCS. I used Shiply to find a couple of people who could transport a...
  12. S3Alex

    ShaneBe's S3 Build

    I've had a Milltek exhaust on mine a while back,and now a custom BCS system,and can totally recommend the BCS for build quality and gas flow etc. The service from Nige and his team is also excellent. I've got one of the original ITG intakes on the car,with a few custom mods to the inlet...
  13. S3Alex

    Passing 100k s3

    Well done on passing 100k Mines gone through that as well but realistically very little of the car other than the diff,body shell and crank have done that mileage.
  14. S3Alex

    Throttle body

    It’s odd as you say...mine lunched it’s original TB at around 60k miles but the current one has been fine. The original had a few bits of dust etc inside but there was no obvious fault which was also pretty odd. The ECU on mine can use things like the Corvette TB if required,but obviously...
  15. S3Alex

    Throttle body

    For what it’s worth I’m still on the stock size TB here so the gains may be quite small.
  16. S3Alex

    Engine Rebuild/Recondition Swap

    Got it....that's a shame. Low oil pressure for sure would kill the bearings,but hopefully you may be able to salvage it.
  17. S3Alex

    Audi S3 Dq250 S-Tronic Gearbox Replacement

    DQ500 is a very tough box and will deal with 500+lbs on stock clutches. The thread I linked to will help you with choosing and ideally an RS box.
  18. S3Alex

    Engine Rebuild/Recondition Swap

    Both get good reputations here,and I can personally recommend AMDEssex and Storm Developments,as I've had the engine on my car worked on by both at different times. Bottom end failures on these engines are uncommon...what happened to yours,and what caused it.....the extent and cause of the...
  19. S3Alex

    Audi S3 Dq250 S-Tronic Gearbox Replacement your car already running a DSG box? If so,a DQ500 would make a very good replacement if you can find one. If not,then swapping from manual to DSG is doable but expensive. This thread may help a lot....
  20. S3Alex

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Got plenty here if you need some