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    High Beam Assist Audi A1 8X

    NHN, Can you fit High Beam Assist on my A7. I am trying to get it done before the winter kicks in.
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    A3 Sportback Dakota Grey or Condor Grey and Sport vs S Line

    Did you go forthe Dakota grey. I am thinking of getting this colour on my A7 but am unsure. what do you think
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    Post your Audi A7 pics here!

    Having test driven the A7, I thought it was fantastic and yes I am very lucky, and yes it is hurting financially. Its much bigger than the A5 which I thought was too small for me and the kids. By the way I have 3 kids, but they prefer travelling in the Ford Galaxy. I will post pics when I get...
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    Post your Audi A7 pics here!

    Just orderred my new A7 yesterday. expect delivery in April and will post pictures then. Lets hope the 2wheel drice is as good as the quatro. Does anyone want to buy my A6 2.5TDi 2002 model
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    A6 Avant - Doors won't close when cold

    I don't think that this is a door lock problem but a door closing mechanism problem. Open the door and spray silcone grease spray on the mechanism door catch. I had the same problem a few weeks ago and it has not re-occurred yet.
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    A6 TDi multitronic excessive MPG

    Definitely a problem. don't remap until the problem is fixed. Could be a fuel timming problem. This can occur if the cambelt has not been chanaged properly. You can check timming using vagcom. I get 40mpg on my 2.5tdi at 80mph
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    Audi A6 Avant (04 plate) service info

    If its a quatro then it has a normal auto gearbox and should be sealed for life. Multitronics are only fitted to the fwd cars
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    S6 Battery

    I have a tdi A6 on an 02 plate and I have searched everywhere for a battery of the right size. The only place to buy is the audi dealership and it will cost £120. part 000915105aj size 315 x 175 x 190. Let me know if you find a better alternative. Regards