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    What mileage has everyone's car done? When is enough enough?

    166K on a TDI 130 Still original clutch, but the turbo did let go after 130K, when I was trying to find out how fast she would go on the autobahn
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    Altenator belt tensioner jumping up and down.

    Hi, I had a similar problem on my Tdi 130, problem seemed worse at idle. Replacing the tensioner pulley fixed the problem hth
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    Curt's A3 1.8T Progress Thread

    Hiya, looking good, love the torch pic. How did you do that?
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    8" stealth sub install with pics

    Hi everyone, thought i'd put up some pics of my speaker upgrade and sub installation (this time with pics) New 5 1/4 Pioneer components and crossover in door card I wanted an Andy Mac type stealth sub, but wanted a 8" sub, so Here's my first effort I had made the enclosure approx the...
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    8" stealth sub install

    can I not upload pics from my album?
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    8" stealth sub install

    Hi everyone, thought I'd put up some pics of my speaker upgrade and sub installation. new 5 1/4" pioneer components and crossover in door card I wanted an AndyMac type stealth sub, but wanted a 8" sub, so Here's my first effort I had made the enlosure approx the same size as the original...
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    Seat broken

    I had a similar problem on the drivers side. turned out that a coin had fell out my pocket and into the height adjustment mechanism. Bit tricky getting it out, but seat worked fine when out. HTH
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    How much mpg? Black smoke from exhaust?

    Hi, I've got a A3 Tdi 130 and I average 49mpg. My DIS always seems to read about 2mpg higher than my actual mpg. I try not to use my car for short runs, and I always use my cruise control on motorways HTH
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    Wipers recommendation

    I have recently fitted PIAA wipers, these have silicon blade instead of rubber. So far they've been very good, but a tad expensive around £35 for front.
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    Flashing glow plug/coil symbol

    Hi, I had the same thing happen on my TDi 130, turned out to be the brake light switch on the brake pedal. New switch cost about £7.00 HTH
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    Rear wheel alignment

    Hi all, I've just found one of my rear wheels is wearing unevenly quite badly, the car is a 2003 8L 1.9 Tdi 130. NON quattro. Can the rear wheels be aligned on A3's? cheers
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    door open warning light??

    Hi, had this on my car as well, it was the microswitch inside the door latch mechanism. new door latch is about£50 and fitting is about 2hrs, so it can be a bit expensive for a microswitch. seems to be a common problem if you read past posts
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    Any-one fancy Some black Halo's?

    Hi A3 turbo have you still got those halos for sale?
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    glow plugs light flashing

    thanks Macduff, cleared the fault ok, but will be buying a new brake switch anyway
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    glow plugs light flashing

    Hi, I've a 2003 A3 8l TDi 130. On the way home the glow plug lamp started flashing, the handbook states that I need to take it to a dealer to get the fault codes read. Anybody else had this fault/know waht it could be? The car is running fine, no loss of power or anything cheers
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    cruise control kit off ebay

    hi, I bought a cruise kit from this guy and got him to fit it as well. Excellent job very professional, I would definately recommend him
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    bulbs blowing

    Hi, does anyone else have a problem with dipped beam bulbs blowing? the H7 bulbs. got my 8l tdi 130 last May, and have had three bulbs blown since. I don't think I've blown this many bulbs in all the cars I've owned :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Towbar electrics

    Hiya all, I'm new to this forum and it looks pretty good. I have a 8L 03 tdi 130, can anybody tell me how to wire up the towbar electrics so that the DIS will work correctly, and that the 2nd indicator lamps in the dash will work correctly when I've got the trailer attached. Cheers.:huh: