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    Boost gauge placement.

    Hi guys I was looking for a decent boost gauge location/pod to mount for my A3 TDI, some pics and links would be great. Thanks Demi
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    a5 suspension into a3?

    do they fit? A mate has a set I could buy but not sure if they are different, springs rates would assume to be different but no idea on the fixings ect. thanks
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    Spigot ring size

    I got some rs6 reps :notme: and they seem to be around 65mm not sure as I cant get the vernier gauge inside, I need to find the right set now as the ones i ordered were 75mm to 57. Anyone had any luck finding them?
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    Spigot ring size

    ordered :thumbsup:
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    Spigot ring size

    What is the hub size on the 8p, I bought some alloys but they are a bit big on the hub lip and I wanted to get some spigot rings. cheers
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    Polybush/Powerflex feedback.

    Has anyone done a complete install of bushes to powerflex or polybush type thing? It always bothered me how lose the rear bushes feel although they are not worn or anything. Wanted to know how a change affects comfort, handling and noise if anyone has done a full swap.:sm4:
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    Boot lock sensor

    Had some time to open it up, the mechanism inside where the jet sits has leaked, I installed an o ring last time but it has perished. the boot lock is fine, its just the 2 pin wire had some condensation on it and the copper pin has corroded slightly, took it off a good clean and wd40 on the...
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    Boot lock sensor

    Ah so it is the leaky wiper then, I sealed it last winter! Any idea what prices are for the wiper motor or th lock?
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    Boot lock sensor

    I am having trouble with the boot lock sensor, boot is locked but on the screen coming up as open, alarm keep going off. I suspect there is a leak in rear wiper washer, is this a known fault? Left my ca unlocked today!
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    Handr springs fitted to my tdi sport bouncy why?

    Shocks do not tend to be weight rated, springs are as they take the weight and major load. I would say your stretched tyres from meaty 225 45 17 to 215 40 18 is giving the bounce, also check the bushes, if any of them are damaged the bouncing will be harsher.
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    Cruise Control Fitted - Thanks User DannyKn9

    Yep Danny is top bloke!
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    audi a3 quattro turbo charge cost

    Depends what parts you want, you can get a journal bearing turbo for 600 or a ball bearing for 1200 or a billet wheel ball bearing for 1600..... The V6 has much potential when turbocharged, you will need a good clutch cerametallic twin plate to keep up with the torque, gearbox is good for...
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    Decisions on new wheels 18s, 19s, silver, anthracite on dolphin grey.

    Ok I think I will stick with silver. Next question is would a 8.5 x 19 et 35 work and what tyres are needed to pull it off? I wont be running super low.
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    Decisions on new wheels 18s, 19s, silver, anthracite on dolphin grey.

    Guys got a question, I seen some wheels that I like, they are 19x8.5 et35, I'm hoping these will stick out enough not needing spacers. What tyres would be needed to clear things? I will need to get some springs also to pull it off as at the moment is on stock height:puke:
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    Decisions on new wheels 18s, 19s, silver, anthracite on dolphin grey.

    VMR 710 are some very nice wheels! What color would suit on the dolphin grey? Silver or gunmetal?
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    Decisions on new wheels 18s, 19s, silver, anthracite on dolphin grey.

    I'm sure its been asked here, I am looking to get a set of new wheels, since my tyres on stock 17s are almost done I'm looking to get a new set of wheels and tyres. I like the look of 19s but how practical are they, 18s don't look as nice but lighter and cheaper setup. Car is a dolphin grey A3...
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    Bulbs play a factor, the new osram xenarc bulbs are meant to be 20% brighter 5000k. What is also just as important is the projector type, what hid do you have single or bi? How old are they, the more use they have the more the projector chrome would have been worn producing loss of reflection...
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    Turbo gone, 1000 miles from home and in the sticks

    If you go for a bigger turbo and run it not at its peak boost then it would last longer, the newer gtb garret turbos are the 3rd generation in terms of vtg, they would last longer. At 100k and remapped its not bad for the little turbo, those uphills must have given the final punch! 40k in less...
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    HID swap flickering

    Hi guys thanks for your replies. I do have only the single xenons, i must say however I am not impressed with the spread and intensity of these oem lights, I owned an S2000 in my previous years with outstanding hid spread and colour. Anyhow i was thinking of installing the old motors from the...