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    Wanted Looking for set of 17" alloy wheels for A3 8P

    Hi. Looking to buy a set of these alloys. I am interested only in this model. OEM number: 8P0 601 025 Q PM me if you have any for sale. Thanks!
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    [HOW-TO] Install heated seats (incl. Kufatec retrofit cable)

    BIG thanks for this thread :) I was thinking about this retrofit, but the wiring part was stopping me until I found this nice how-to. Everything is clear, except the part with pulling the 12v cable through the firewall. How exactly and where did you managed to run the cable through?
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    8P3 Headlight Wash Retrofit Thread

    Could anyone send me the instruction manual for headlight washer system retrofit from Kufatec?
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    Pre-face headlight washing system retrofit Help

    Hi guys :) To start with, I bought s-line front bumper to do single grill retrofit to my 2004 A3 8P. The bumper arrived this week and it is complete witt the headlight washer jets,pumps, hoses.. My car doesn't have this option and I was wondering is it too hard to make it work? After some...
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    Question about the front slam panel and bonnet.

    Found the part number today. The genuine one is : 8p0 805 594 , and the one I bought is 8p0 805 594 A. Don't know if they could be changed.
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    Question about the front slam panel and bonnet.

    Gonna check it tommorow. Thanks!
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    Question about the front slam panel and bonnet.

    The problem is that I can't find the part number on it. I think it should be on a sticker, but it is not readable.. And thats with most of the slam panels I saw.. I already got one from 2.0 TDI, but am not able to try it now, thats why I asked here.
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    Question about the front slam panel and bonnet.

    Hi guys. Sorry for bumping old thread, but didn't found what I was looking for. Are the slam panel of 2006 A3 2.0 TDI (140 hp) fits A3 2004 1.9 ( 105 hp)? Thanks
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    32 pin aux bluetooth connector

    And what is the point of the forums at all? I thought that the main reason is for people to help each other. Don't think someone would lost his job when share where to connect 2 wires.. But fine, everything nowadays is money...
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    HVAC Change question

    Thank you very much mate! Will try this. :)
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    HVAC Change question

    Thanks for the reply. Is there any information about this procedure? I have vcds and maybe will be able to so it. Thanks
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    HVAC Change question

    Hello. I have 2006 A3 8P, which is left hand drive. I bought a new hvac unit from the same year A3, fitted it and noticed that the right knob changes both side temperatures, and the left side knob (drivers in my car) changes only the left side (which is opposite to my older ac unit). Is there...
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    S3 8v steering wheel retro for on s3 8p

    Hi guys. Is there any chance for this steering wheel and airbag to work on my 2004 A3? Thanks in advance!
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    Post your TT eBay, Classified and for sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    For sale: Lower steering column trim with hole for the cruise control stalk. Part № 8J0 953 512 A Give me reasonable offer on PM.
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    smokers pack delete

    Is that tps a website? Could you share a link as I also want to do the ashtray delete. Thanks :)
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    8P3 coin drawer / part number

    Hello. Could you tell me whats the part number of the card holder for 2012 A3? (latest buttons trim) Thanks