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    Eventuri carbon intake

    I’ve got the Revo cone, but a video of the sound would be good to hear!
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    Potential new owner advice :)

    I came from an Abarth 500c Esseesse with Monza; big Brembo Brakes; Koni FSD and all options except Sabelts. The Abarth, along with a previous Alfa GT3.2 v6 are probably my favourites, but not much between them and the S1. As a city car - the Abarth is hard to beat- S1 came to 95% of the Abarth...
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    New S1 Owner- Service advice

    Gen 5.
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    4D number plates!!!

    Can’t beat timeless pressed metal imho. Never understood what the 4th dimension is with 4D over 3D?
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    New Audi S1 Probably Won’t Happen, Despite Rumors

    The S1 was a skunkworks car. I reckon in years to come it’ll be collectible and possibly have cult status.
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    Revo intake system

    I was about to ask the same question! Any chance of a video so we can hear it?
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    Wing mirrors tilting when in reverse

    I didn’t have this as standard, but activated it using Carista
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    Another speeder....

    Depends on the kit- there are at least 6 suppliers approved in UK I can think of and they won’t all work the same way. I think I read that some kit has a range of 1km or more. It’s mostly based on military targeting technology, but it all has to go through what is known as Home Office Type...
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    Another speeder....

    All depends on the kit used. Don’t assume they all work the same as different forces buy different kit. I’ve been in the back of a van where you have to move the target yourself - mainly on multi lane roads. Certain vehicles are known to give false readings so some forces prefer manual...
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    Thanks. I need to empty all the crap out and eliminate that too. Think it’s front drivers side but not sure
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    Hi. I’ve got the Bose system and I’m getting resonance / vibration from one of the passenger side speakers (front). Usually on traffic announcements, sometimes with music. It happens when the volume is 8 or less. Anyone else’s had similar issues? Wondering if a speaker needs replacing...
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    Big power cars or light low power cars, which is more fun?

    Wife had Lupo GTI on 24hr test drive years ago. The 6 speed was probably one of the best engine and gearbox combos I’ve ever driven. Unfortunately for me she went for a Clio 182 - nothing wrong but the Lupo GTI was special. Other small cars I’ve had are Daihatsu Charade GTti (x2) - japs were...
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    Another speeder....

    Can’t remember the thresholds for speed awareness but IF you were detected there is a chance you might get a course offer, and going by my experience they aren’t too bad. Assuming you are the registered keeper and the technician got you - they are human despite what we think!... They have to...
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    The clip is a right pain unless you have the right pliers. I used a strong cable tie in place of the clip as I had normal pliers that damaged the clip during removal.
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    Seatbelt reel replacement

    anyone know how much / how many hours labour the replacement of a rear passenger side seatbelt reel would be roughly in an A1? No idea if it’s an expensive part or takes a long time?...
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio or RS3 Saloon?

    Lovin’ all the cliches on here :laughing:
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio or RS3 Saloon?

    It’s a tough choice as my first German is the current S1 which I plan to keep for a while but the RS3 really empresses me. I’ve had various cars including 3 Fiats, 2 Alfa’s and an Abarth and they have all been fine reliability wise. Agreed that Audi quality is better. Go drive the Alfa first...
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    What are your favourite driving tunes?

    Pendulum - The Tempest
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    Another speeder....

    Slightly out of date convo - but speed on green camera tech has been around for around 10 years. The ones being converted from wet-film to digital will gain “speed on green” but it’s really nothing new. Just wait for the latest tech that combines spot speed, average speed, red-light and ANPR...
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    s1 aluminium gear knob

    Thinking Audi needs a “heated knob” option - reminds me of how cold our FN2 Type-R knob was!