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    New rims

    Agree, looks just subtley better than standard, ive not long put 18" RSTT's on, and defo (if id had seen them) would of put these on instead. Very nice mate! ps. still love my RSTTs :)
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    i-Pod in ur S3?

    Cheers peeps, i have bit the bullet and ordered the `Dension Ice-Link` kit from halfords (yer i know :P) having it fitted tomorrow :D
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    i-Pod in ur S3?

    Tallpaul, gunna get me one of them brackets! Have you got a link? Can you self fit them?
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    i-Pod in ur S3?

    Yer sounds a cool idea Cocain, mines sat in the cup holder till a find a better solution ;) I did see a PDA holder somewhere, that might work?
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    i-Pod in ur S3?

    Yeah thats cool, but i want it where i can see it, so i can control whats playing, skip a track ect :(
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    i-Pod in ur S3?

    Hi Has anyone got an i-Pod (Video G5) into there A3/S3, im using a Griffin cable attachment, but cannot for the life of me find a decent way of mounting (ew err) it inside the car. Ive been all over the net and most of what i can see is utter rubbish or very tacky. I just want a nice...
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    What is this!!??

    Im gunna go for a smothie maker cable :)
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    I've got the 5 hour free trail from revo on my S3

    I had mine (5hr trial) remapped Yesterday, by VAG Techniques (sonning Common, Reading) saw a chap there called Sean, top man. I was really suprised by the change (Sean says its 85% of full remap) much better mid range torque, not a great deal differnt off the mark, also feels to have a little...
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    Post the UGLIEST A3/S3 you have ever seen!

    Id drive it, think it looks sweet :sorry: The rest so far sux!!! how dare they do such dreadful mods.??
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    Awesome Pics, VwVortex eat my shorts! (56k go make a cuppa)...

    Really nice pic's mate....gunna be trying to emulate that myself! (just need to find a nutter to hang out a door LOL)
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    Haldex ECU

    Thx :)
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    Haldex ECU

    Hi Is it possible to change the haldex ecu for a user adjustable one to give you much more RWD bias? Someone i was speaking to seems to thing you can?
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    Finally im an S3 owner

    Arr ic :D
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    Finally im an S3 owner

    Spacers....why? (sorry if thats a dumb question)
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    Finally im an S3 owner

    Check my Signiture ;) (i have replaced the centre caps with Alluminum ones from Audi since piccys)
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    Finally im an S3 owner

    Hi All Ive been here a couple of weeks, posted a couple of things but not really introduced myself. Im in Newbury Berks, ive wanted an S3 for to long, ive been driving a Golf VR6 for the last 7 years (great car) Which i now need to sell. Finally bought my S3 13th June,Silver 2001...
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    Loan car from Audi

    excess is always between £1000 - £2500 for demo's and courtesy cars (if unaccompanied) in my experience. If your vehicle is 'just' in for a service dealers are not obligated to give you a courtesy car, however if you state you would like one on the day of your service, the dealer should be...
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    Check this out!!

    OMG, that very cool...wonder how much he charges?
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    rs4/rstt centre caps

    Piccys of mine. + Centre caps that came with wheels from Rochfordtyres
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    s3 brembo help

    Would like to know also :)