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    Thinking of keep S3 long term

    I, like you am happy with my current PFL car, just paid off the car this week after 4 year pcp from new and will wait to see what the new S3 will look like.
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    What can I expect from Audi?

    Cutting a long story short, I took my S3 to Bolton Audi for an oil service, this ended up being a main service as they said it was due in 77 days so thought I'd kill 2 birds, etc. They asked if I would like the car washing & valeting, normally I decline but due to the weather at the moment and...
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    S3 doing the impossible

    I bought an S3 for a reason, this is not one of them..........
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    Facelift What does dynamic mode actually do?

    My car is in dynamic all the time, I fire up the engine in the morning it stays in dynamic.....
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    The world vs Audi drivers... Blue S3:rage::pensive:
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    Trev's a big fan

    Started by stating 'the satnav is truly awful'. Stopped reading there - it's normally the ride, the handling, the set-up, etc. if anything.......
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    1st Main Service

    Booked in Monday for them to do a diagnostics check.
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    1st Main Service

    Correct, maybe I should've shopped around at VAG specialists, etc. but it was too convenient.
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    1st Main Service

    From reading threads on the forum about servicing I was too late to take up that offer, the car is a 15 plate, with 15k miles, will still be under warranty. Still, it's a bit worrying to go in with a 'clean car' to find there's a glitch which they now have to hook up for a diagnostics check?
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    1st Main Service

    Had my 1st main service at Audi Manchester yesterday, everything went fine from drop-off to pick-up apart from the price:grumpy: (£360). Anyway, I drove my missus to her mums and she said 'ooh, what's that light on your dash'? Great! There were no warning lights on my dash when I drove it there...
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    Upgraded Courtesy Car

    So yesterday morning I was the meat in the sandwich (shunt) and my adored S3 saloon requires potentially a new rear bumper and work doing to the front bumper (will be assessed later this week). I included the benefit of a courtesy car upgrade to my insurance as it was only £20 as an add-on...
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    What will be your next car?

    Major bugbear of mine these concept cars, don't show us something to get us drooling that will never reach production and thus never going to own!:grumpy: Back on subject, I will be looking at an S version though not sure what, got another 2 years yet but looking already......
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    ** Guys help, A45 AMG or Audi S3?!**

    Finally, some sense......:iagree:
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    Whats your favorite 'bit' of your A3/S3

    I like my rear view mirror...........:racer:
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    Drive the Deal S3 Special Offer?

    Is this of interest to any of you guys wanting a 3 door S3?
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    Audi Insurance - PATHETIC!!!!

    Crikey, last month it was 7.......
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    Audi Insurance - PATHETIC!!!!

    I had no problems getting through, sorted the 7 day policy out really quick, this is your policy No. confirmation e-mail sent etc. Then he asked if I would like a quote so I said go on then whilst we're on. Went through all the usual bumf and put me on hold whilst the system got the quote for...
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    Only had it 3 weeks!

    Yep, had that last time I was the filling in a shunt sandwich. You did hurt yourself sir didn't you? Er no, bye!
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    Only had it 3 weeks!

    I have now arranged a slot tomorrow for an Audi approved bodyshop to assess the damage and provide an estimate, my insurer is ok with this (has no choice) and has cancelled the recommended repair centre(s). I spoke to the bodyshop manager about the points I raised earlier re. being out of...
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    Only had it 3 weeks!

    Just as an update guys I've logged a claim with Axa, still waiting for third party blame acceptance. I've stipulated that I want an Audi approved garage and my insurer is fine with that but if you have a look at the small print in my policy it states:- 1.It is your responsibility to provide...