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    JB4 info and discussion thread

    I have a dragy, waiting for the weather to improve. Whilst I’m not overly bothered about figures it’s nice to know, especially when stage 1 cars are putting out less power on the same dyno.
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    JB4 info and discussion thread

    I no longer have an s3 but I have just had A JB4 fitted to my 2019 Leon Cupra 290 (PPF) and the car made 350 bhp on Map 2 at RS tuning Leeds (Dyno dynamics rolling road). The only engine mods are Forge intake pipe which also replaces the turbo elbow, panel filter and snowgrate removed/air feed...
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    How long?

    I would usually advise two weeks to be on the safe side once the car has been shipped.
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    Hello again

    I have not posted on here in nearly 5 years, i used to have an 8p s3 which i loved but a change in careers and fortunes meant it was sold. I ended up joining the motor trade starting with Ford, moving to BMW and now with Audi where i have worked since Novemeber. Anyway they do quite a good...
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    contact statller they do The GIAC equivilant of stage now which requires a fuel pump.
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    Just put deposit on this Orange S3 - please help with engine details?

    You should have bought the silver 57 plate s3 from redline instead lol, was my old car with a GIAC remap and h and r springs, 39k on the clock with heaps of history and a stack of warranty work done by the dealer. Seems a lot for a car with 70k and sh1t wheels.
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    18" Black Oz Ultraleggera. s3 8l fitment for sale/swap

    Set of four 18" Black OZ Ultraleggera wheels for sale 2 x Almost new federal tyres and 2 x Parada spec 2's with approx 3mm of tread left. The wheels are all straight and true however due to light curbing could probably do with a refurb. Looking for £400 or will consider a swap with a set of...
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    3/4 plates - Anyone got them? pics?

    Crap piccy of mine on the dealers site that i have just sold the car to.
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    Used Evoms and H and R springs for the s3, whats it worth????

    ok guys, im after £150 for the evoms which includes the heatshield and £100 for the springs. Thanks
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    Used Evoms and H and R springs for the s3, whats it worth????

    As above i have now parted with the s3 so have an evoms with heatshield and H and R springs for sale, any ideas what i should be asking? Both done about 5,000 miles in excellent condition.
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    Shotgun Big Turbo S3 strikes...with video's

    very very chavvy, why would you want to drive around town at night filming yourself making a banging sound?
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    Suzuka grey S3 down at stattler sheffield on saturday,was it you?

    do you need an uprated fuel pump to run the extreme plus map?
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    How many people with stage 2 s3? Or running more than 350bhp

    it was more for the benefit of others than myself, ive had my remapped s3 for ages now and it hasnt put a foot wrong. A few guys think that becuase the k20 lump is so strong that if they cant get the same gains it cant be true.
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    How many people with stage 2 s3? Or running more than 350bhp

    Just wondering how many (i know a fair few are running fuel pump,tbe,intake and software upgrades) are doing this and how reliable its been. Having a little debate on CTRO and they find it hard to believe that the engine will run a reliable 360 bhp with no internal upgrades. Im aware the clutch...
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    Coming backto Audi! Looking at an S3.

    Agree with the first bit and take out a pcp but high interest saver??? interest rates are pap.
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    Coming backto Audi! Looking at an S3.

    forgot to say im after £19500
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    Coming backto Audi! Looking at an S3.

    It may not be what your after but i will have my 2007/57 s3 for sale. Silver 38k FSH (JUST HAD CAMBELT UNDER WARRANTY) Recently serviced with new plugs and brake fluid Black Leather dvd nav bose flat bottom wheel bluetooth i pod dock in glovebox parking sensors storage pack. currently fitted...
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    Harrogate Audi - Top service again

    As always received excellent service from these guys. My glovebox lid broke - replaced free, creaking door surround - new sill free, cambelt squeeking on start - replaced free. Car is on 38k aswell !!!!! Happy days is im putting it up for sale so should give the owner peace of mind.
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    Attempted car jacking!

    sounds like my idea of fun, trip to manchester it is then.