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    Newbee to the site

    Hi and welcome!!
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    Hi all!!

    Thanks....I sure will try and enjoy!
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    audi s3 quattro 2002 225 bhp..........mpg is rubbish

    Personally I would do plugs, oil, filter and air filter. My 2001 S3 does an average of 27mpg around town and I change all the above every 4500miles. Try it and I would think it should get better.
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    Hello new to this site

    Welcome, Im not sure how to tell either. If you can't find out here you could always try an audi dealer....
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    Hi all!!

    Thanks Lee, I'll post some pics as soon as I can!!
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    Hi all!!

    Thanks Chris!!
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    Hi all!!

    Hi, I joined this site quite a while ago but havnt been on here much due to time. Im Craig, I currently own a 2001 Imola Yellow S3 but on Thursday I collect my 2010 Solar Orange Black edition S3. Can't wait, look forward to chatting with you all....
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    Help on mpg dash read out display updated with fault

    When your next driving along sit at 50 or what ever speed then just lift your foot completely off the accelerator an you'll see ----. Just means your not doing any MPG.:icon_thumright:
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    Bose in all S3s

    I recently had a problem with m multi changer which went wrong. It was £150 to repair or £200 to replace. The problem ive found with the Bose is its an amplified system so you can just exchange the head unit to a single disc. Cables need to be run from the headunit to the opposite side to the...
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    Clutch and Turbo replacment

    Ive always been shown a simple way to tell if the clutch is definately going. When your stationary put your car in 1st but leave the hand break on. Lift the clutch as if your pulling away and if the revs run away without the car lifting then your clutch is def on its way out. I have had my...
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    Hi all!!

    Hi everyone, my names Craig and I'm new to this forum. I have a 2001 Imola yellow S3. This is my first Audi and I love it. I'll look forward to chatting with you all.:icon_thumright:
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    Hi all, Im Craig and new to this forum. Just got an S3 and love it. Looking forward to the forum for chats and ideas!:)