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  1. LostUlsterman

    Wheel shaking at speed

    Toblahoe, I had this exact same issue not very long ago. Had really bad wobble between 70-90, felt like the car was going to shake itself to pieces. Changed all 4 tyres, and had them balanced. And rebalanced. It was only at the 2nd visit to the garage that it was mentioned about several...
  2. LostUlsterman

    Wheel wobble 70 to 85/90

    As the title says, I’m getting quite a bit of wheel wobble between 70 85/90mph. Of course I only went those speeds for investigative reasons, and would never usually consider breaking the law so flagrantly........ I’ve done some reading through other posts and it seems that 50-70 is the usual...
  3. LostUlsterman

    B7 Cabrio rear Bumper/Diffuser and sideskirts options ?

    Did you ever get anywhere with the skirts and valance?
  4. LostUlsterman

    Is it possible for you to get in touch with me please. I’m after some work and advice on setup...

    Is it possible for you to get in touch with me please. I’m after some work and advice on setup for 57 plate A4 cabrio. Wanting to upgrade interior lighting, instal puddle lights and drl, and completely overhaul the halogen headlights.
  5. LostUlsterman

    Q7 led drl strip

    Bumper in question
  6. LostUlsterman

    Q7 led drl strip

    Has anyone out there tried fitting these onto their b7? I know there will be issues trying to mount onto standard fog panels, but I’m waiting on delivery of a ttrs style bumper, and the dimensions are looking more favourable on it. Advice welcome.
  7. LostUlsterman

    Recommended body shop N.Yorks

    I’ve recently purchased a caractere rear spoiler for my b7 cab, and and waiting on delivery of a new bumper and grille. Can anybody, as per the title, recommend any decent spray bays and/or body shops for fitting in the North Yorkshire area?
  8. LostUlsterman

    Cabriolet stereo replacement

    Would you be able to pm me any details you have for the sub enclosure please.
  9. LostUlsterman

    Footwell Lighting B7 Cabriolet

    Have you gotten anywhere with this?
  10. LostUlsterman

    Been updating the Audi B7 Cab Again

    Looking good. That's a nice touch with the steering wheel.
  11. LostUlsterman

    Cabriolet stereo replacement

    A4 B7 cab on 57 plate. I've already taken out my concert head unit and replaced with a pioneer sph-da120. Sound quality is ok, but I t just doesn't cut the mustard with the roof down though, as i've still got the standard speakers fitted. I'm not willing to pay 4 figures for a custom system...
  12. LostUlsterman

    Been updating the Audi B7 Cab Again

    Any more work recently?
  13. LostUlsterman

    Front bumper change

    Went to fill up and drove in front of a red saloon with this bumper fitted, ended up chatting with the bloke for a little while on the forecourt. It actually looked really nice in the flesh, he had the gloss black grille fitted too. I've got an ABT lookeylikey extension sat in the garage now...
  14. LostUlsterman

    Mud flaps/splash guards, yay or nay?

    Bought a set of genuine front and rears, hopefully fitting at some stage this week. Will post a few before and after pics.
  15. LostUlsterman

    Audi A4 Cabriolet Soft Top/ Roof / Hood Motor Repair Guide

    Here's another one to add to the pile. Apologies if there is anything similar in the thread, but I honestly got sore eyes after reading the first 7 pages. Took me ages too. So, here we go. 57plate, 80k on clock. Nice day out, first one in months, so decide to drop the roof. Push the button...
  16. LostUlsterman

    Rear diffuser removal

    Ah, doesn't show on the mobile version. I'll just get my coat......
  17. LostUlsterman

    Rear diffuser removal

    Are all the valance from the b7 range the same? Looking at replacing the one on my cabrio, but not sure if they're model specific.
  18. LostUlsterman

    Played with Plastidip on my grill..

    Did mine at the end of the summer, put 5 coats of black, then two glossifier. Easy, but time consuming. Looked good for a few months. Took it through car wash (hand wash), all fine, then again 2 weeks later and one of the jet sprays took it off along the bottom of the grille. Was gutted having...
  19. LostUlsterman

    Mud flaps/splash guards, yay or nay?

    How difficult was it to fit them on to yours? Been looking at simple ways of making mine look a bit more 'sporty', this is def a quick win.
  20. LostUlsterman

    Front bumper change

    I've had a read, but that is predominantly about grilles, no real mention about bumpers. I've also looked at the one stanningtonglen pictured, but the seller said that it was only for 'limo&avant', that's why I was asking about the compatibility. Is it the same for the rear diffusers, or are...