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    Average Speed Camera(SPECS) Laws

    Thanks for everyones input, ill request pictures and wait calibration certs on rest, only 1 provided rest ive been told they wont supply until court. Ive got 0 points currently and im 22, don't want any tbh. I like my clean license :(
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    Is it just me, or are sentences getting more lenient?

    I have different view, People that get sentences aslong as that - most cases they are due. Not contesting that. Think of the mental state of someone whos been locked away that long - Surely they would be worse on release? And the amount of tax payers money used to keep them living/secure. I...
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    Average Speed Camera(SPECS) Laws

    Its the stretch between J26 and around J28. Tickets; 1 x 12.30pm workman present i guess, dry conditions, traffic usual tempo 61mph 1 x 2.39am dry, no workmen, no cars 57mph Other one ive only just got ill have to check. Ive requested calibration certificate on 1st one which was 2.39am and...
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    Character ref templates for magistrates court?

    Thats bad that, He'd never forgive himself having an off with young passenger(in my eyes shouldnt be on bike)
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    Has anyone ever bought a car and sold it for parts?

    Ive done my fair share of cars, Jeff sums it up well, its hard work and you need to know what your doing otherwise you won't go anywhere. Trade experience, knowing what to buy and when, limitless motivation for wrapping parcels, you sell a set of seats for 9.99 and they're going 300miles so...
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    Average Speed Camera(SPECS) Laws

    Alright lads, Does anyone know the law standing on requirements of the SPECS cams must adhere to, to be legally put forward as evidence. I.e calibration only once in 12months? Basically i've received 4 speeding tickets down the same stretch of m62 in 28days and i feel they're at error so im...
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    Door pillar peeling :(

    Remove pillar trims and respray.... Only way i see them looking better
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    2009+ Upgrade Mirrors, DRL Module Chit Chat

    Cheers lads, Currently got mine wired to the original indicators but wanted to clean it up a little.
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    2009+ Upgrade Mirrors, DRL Module Chit Chat

    Done the searching, nothing affirmative coming back on results for modules required. I beleive mirrors are plug & play using correct door modules, anyone know part number? Also i beleive CAN Gateway needs to be "AD" prefix? and Comfort Module "J" prefix. Please correct where required Thanks,
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    Yes that will work with yours, but many have clogged veins = Sticking actuator. That turbo is sold with no warranty and unless you collect/try in person you won't know if knackered till you already have it. Best getting a known good one or recon unit.
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    You can fit either make kit. LUK or Sachs. You just have to fit it in a set(which you would anyway) LUK flywheel doesnt fit Sachs clutch or vice versa. Fit same make flywheel/clutch simples
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    A3 8P 53 plate 2.0 tdi 140 - Using coolant?

    Worth the £12 then, Good stuff
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    Hmm dodgy buyer perhaps?

    These have been going on since i was like 13 and im nearly 22 now. I figured everyone knew about these, Problem is people must still be clueless to it otherwise they'd have stopped doing it.
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    Needs to be replaced ASAP really as theres no guage to say how long flywheel will last and if you want to see what happens when a flywheel goes flyby have a google. Theres been some deaths no joke. Clutch/hydraulic slave need to be replaced at same time.
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    This is the Audi e-bike...

    S3 with bike rack and this on back, "He who dares is oh so cool" :)
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    This is the Audi e-bike...

    Very swish!
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    Audi A4 B7 2.0 TDi coughing and spluttering again

    Just buy a 2nd hand Intake Manifold Flap, As you said yourself you can change it yourself. You can pick them up for £30+ Thats what i did, Also as result of failure of the IMF it will usually blow 10amp fuse on battery fusebox(cant remember which slot) so check fuses there :)
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    New battery, lost noticeable power

    Disabling power to the ECU for a period of time puts it into master reset. Your ECU will adapt over 26 miles to your engine running conditions. So yes as you drive, the ECU will adapt itself. Keep driving :)
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    Fuel Leak!!

    Has the filter just been replaced? Possible Symptoms; * Rubber seal incorrectly seated/missing * Securing bolts not tight :)
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    Shipping an airbag

    Shipped over 40 of them including internationally. May sound stupid but trick is don't mention airbag - "Steering wheel, Dashboard" Hasn't caused me a problem with RM/Citylink/DHL/Fedex or DPD :)