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    A7 BiTurbo Owners - your reviews please

    Ha! Thanks, I've got parking sorted so not an issue. I'm torn between the new S3 and the biturbo... Given you've experienced both what are your thoughts?
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    A7 BiTurbo Owners - your reviews please

    Chaps - I am strongly considering an A7 BiTurbo (approved used) as my next vehicle. Will be stepping out of an S3 Stronic SB with all the toys. Wanted to gain some insight from those with BiTurbos as to how the have gotten on with theirs, the engine and how it is to live with? Pics welcome...
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    My new A7 BiTdi in Daytona Grey

    Abyss, you had an 8P S3 previously - remember you from one of the other forums? I'm actually replacing mine now for a BiTurbo A7. What's your view on them, especially coming from the S3?!