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  1. Matt_Storm

    Steering rack id

    Hi i was hoping someone with a bit of rack knowledge can help i am having all sorts of issues trying to resurrect my old tdi one of them being the power steering is completely dead. A garage fitted a new rack a few years ago and did not know how to program it so its been sat for a few years...
  2. Matt_Storm

    Is The Milltek Non Resonated Exhaust Really Loud?

    I have a full miltek non res on my tdi 2l stage2 it sounds great not too loud and the turbo is a lot louder making it sound more like a performance car rather than tractor but only issue i found is the boot and bumper keeps sooting up near the tail pipe. A mate who works at a tuners said because...
  3. Matt_Storm

    How many 2.0 tdi (BKD) owners have had to replace the turbo?

    I would - the first two times mine was on the way out 1st time a screeching sound like brake noise whenever it cut in- later turned out to be an oil pump blockage which killed the turbo :( 2nd time was the owl noise so i changed it. 3rd time i had the owl noise and drove it for ages thinking it...
  4. Matt_Storm

    How many 2.0 tdi (BKD) owners have had to replace the turbo?

    2004 BKD 180remap 187000 miles changed turbo 3 times in the last 8 years I think the main issue is the turbos get abused hard driving on cold engine, and not giving them enough time to cool down before turning off the engine etc. I have been running a hybrid for past 2 years and look look after...
  5. Matt_Storm

    A3 Power Steering Upgrade

    Hi please help i have the fatal power steering fail and have been looking for info or anyone who has completed the upgrade from 1st generation to 3rd gen steering rack. Seems to be loads of info on this but nothing of much use from what i can see! My car is 2004 BKD engine i can get a rack...
  6. Matt_Storm

    Strange Vibrating/Rumbling...

    If it does it in neutral as well as drive it sounds like it could be your dual mass flywheel on its way out, if its just in drive then check wheels nuts and wheel bearings by jacking each wheel up and give them a wobble side to side. Otherwise it could have just been a lump of mud stuck to the...
  7. Matt_Storm

    Anyone good with diagnostic figures? A3 TDI BKD limp mode low boost fault code

    Ok thanks Mike i will take a look it is booked in again on thurs and I have already been to two garages who have scanned it with vagcom but i dont think they really know what they are doing as one said its probably an injector and the other said it could be the maf but they seemed to be...
  8. Matt_Storm

    Acceleration juddery and rough idle

    Might be worth checking the fuel pipes from the filter havent been swapped a garage put mine on the wrong way round once and my car did the same as you described.
  9. Matt_Storm

    Anyone good with diagnostic figures? A3 TDI BKD limp mode low boost fault code

    My A3 2004 had the injectors replaced i have fitted G series later injectors with new seals etc and a new loom the car runs very smooth and seems to rev up ok however its very slow on acceleration up to 3000 rpm then bang it shoots off like a rocket. On normal driving its constantly going into...
  10. Matt_Storm

    What mileage are you on?

    2004 BKD 190k miles been remapped since 80k its had 3 turbos now though and the injector cam has just left the engine by itself but im hoping to have it running again soon..
  11. Matt_Storm

    Advice wanted please; I bought an A3 around 7 weeks ago, I now have to sell.

    Look on Get Out of Debt with Get Out Of Debt Free - if you really want to get off paying anything. I had an issue with a big insurance company a few years back who tried to sting me for a few thousand i even had bailiff threats the lot it went on for over a year but if you...
  12. Matt_Storm

    A3 BKD tdi injectors destroyed so fitting new ones, well trying!

    So my car decided to die a death at 80mph and has been off the road since- on trying to restart it i realised it was only running on 2 cylinders and would run for 10 secs before switching itself off. I removed the rocker cover to discover the injector cam lever had sheered off 4 of its bolts and...
  13. Matt_Storm

    2.0 TDI 140, 54' A3 Start up woes, wont crank all the way.

    I had this on the same car if there is lots of white smoke and chugging it could be a porous head otherwise check the fuel filter it may need changing.
  14. Matt_Storm

    Anyone here fitted a Milltek with the downpipe to the 2.0TDI?

    Yeah i got full miltek on mine and decat i had a mk1 golf turbotechnics once, reminds me of how that sounded not like a derv at all. A stage 2 turbo makes it sound even better too
  15. Matt_Storm

    BKD A3 TDI MAF sensor differences between 2004 and 2011 0281002461 & 0281002735

    Hi i am hoping someone can help i have purchased a MAF sensor for my 2004 tdi BKD A3 from ebay its a Bosch 0281002735 and have now discovered the plug is slightly different to the one on my car, this is infact a MAF sensor for a 2011 2.0l tdi that i have purchased in error. The maf connector on...
  16. Matt_Storm

    Unusual fault on A3 BKD engine responds as if under extreme load no faults showing

    The car just completely stopped working now it died on the motorway and i had to call the rac, still no faults showing it starts briefly but misfires and conks out. ****
  17. Matt_Storm

    Unusual fault on A3 BKD engine responds as if under extreme load no faults showing

    I have just had a new Vario smf fitted and it seems really smooth i am pretty sure the problem / noise is coming from the head its a really strange one. I will check the fuel colour as i had oil in the fuel once before and after swapping the tandem pump it was fine although i am pretty sure...
  18. Matt_Storm

    Unusual fault on A3 BKD engine responds as if under extreme load no faults showing

    As the title explains i have had this car for years and tackled most known BKD related problems in the past, in recent months my car had a top end knocking / rattle from cold start that would go away after warming up often this noise would go away for a day or two if i replaced the fuel filter...
  19. Matt_Storm

    A3 BKD Fuel pressure loss

    The warning light you see maybe because you are cranking it for too long, mine flashed up oil warning after around 6 seconds of cranking this is normal. I still have the rattling noise sounds like a tractor but goers away for a short time after really hard driving - its not the clutch and seems...