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  1. VennyQuattro

    How much to drain and re-gas in your area ?

    £60 seems fairly average around Southampton way.
  2. VennyQuattro

    ABtech Quatto cam belt service

    Due to some promising feedback on these forums about ABtech Southampton, got them to do my circa 74K service and cam belt change. This is on my 2.5TDi Quattro Sport. Cost in total £975. Did the cam belt, pulleys, water pump (their recommendation) and I got them to change the Thermostat due...
  3. VennyQuattro

    Spare Keys £140 ****

    Exactly the reason I made sure I got both keys with my car, too many second hand cars under 4 years old seem to be offered with only 1 key (private & trade), it annoys the t!ts off me, what do owners do with the other keys, flippin eat them?
  4. VennyQuattro

    What Tyres?

    Well they seem ok so far, maybe a bit more road noise than the Conti's. No wild wheel spinning (it is a quattro)! They handle ok, better than my old Celica with Primacy's on, I don't drive like a loon so I don't need F1 tyre performance!
  5. VennyQuattro

    A4 Advice

    "The new engine will be premiered in the Audi A6 and A6 Avant. With a power output of 132 kW (180 bhp) and a torque of 370 Nm all the way from 1500 rpm to 2500 rpm engine speed, it is among the world's leading series-production engines for specific power output, at 53 kW (72 bhp) per litre."...
  6. VennyQuattro

    A4 Advice

    I have the 2.5TDi Quattro Sport (saloon) it's a heavy old beast with that v6 lump and 4wd system, but it feels solid. The engine sounds superb, best and smoothest sounding diesel engine in the mainstream I would say. It's the 370nm of torque that makes it a great drive, plus ample power...
  7. VennyQuattro

    Dual Climate Diagnostic Procedure

    No, soz mine is not faulty I just wondered if i could access diagnostic functions using it.
  8. VennyQuattro

    Dual Climate Diagnostic Procedure

    Anyone know how to access the diagnostics via the dual-climate control panel (engine temp, voltage etc.) The Recirc & Up procedure for the single-climate does'nt seem to work! TIA :detective2:
  9. VennyQuattro

    a4 mpg!!!!!!

    Agreed, 50 MPG out of a 2.5TDi, sounds 'optimistic' to me! everyone else seems to get around 35MPG!
  10. VennyQuattro

    Parking Sensors Retrofit

    Not sure what a corn drill is? Heard of a hole saw and a tapered ream, but never come accross on of those!
  11. VennyQuattro

    Parking Sensors Retrofit

    Definately worth the money! My only concern would be making the holes in the bumper without burring the outer edges because it could end up looking ugly! Did you use a hole saw of the appropriate size? how did you prevent burring?
  12. VennyQuattro

    Parking Sensors Retrofit

    looks quite straightforward, where did the kit come from and how much did it cost?
  13. VennyQuattro

    2.5TDi quattro sport....

    Cambelt on V6 2.5tdi is 80K or 4 years. I have a 2.5tdi Quattro sport, it's the best car I've ever driven. (but I've never driven a Porsche, Lambo, Ferrari or even an S4, so.....) Must get that job as a Top Gear presenter.................
  14. VennyQuattro

    newbie questions

    Yes it needs a service, as previously stated. You can get blank keys from eBay, but: You will need to get the blade cut. There is a straightforward process for getting the key to be able to unlock the car. You need diagnostic tools to register the key with the immobiliser, possibly RosTech and a...
  15. VennyQuattro

    What Tyres?

    I went for 4x Dunlop SP 9000's in the end, mainly because I didn't have time to mess about and it was what a local tyre dealer had 4 of in stock. About £97 per corner fitted, they seem fine, guess it just depends on how long they last, time will tell. As a matter of interest I fitted...
  16. VennyQuattro

    Buying Audi A4 2.5 TDI Quattro

    Thanks for the response. My economy seems fine and as the problem is only slight, I won't worry about for now, it's due for a service in a few months, so will get it looked at then.
  17. VennyQuattro

    Buying Audi A4 2.5 TDI Quattro

    Thanks for the response. My economy seems fine and as the problem is only slight, I won't worry about for now, it's due for a service in a few months, so will get it looked at then.
  18. VennyQuattro

    Buying Audi A4 2.5 TDI Quattro

    That's new to me! I thought the diesels took a while to warm up, mine certainly does 5-10mins in this current cold climate. Actually my guage fluctuates between ~75-90 degrees during normal driving, never goes a smidge above 90 though, is that something to worry about?
  19. VennyQuattro

    Should i worry?....... 2.5TDI Q

    My sentiments exactly, it reminds me of a train :huh: , it's just effortless progress and even though it's an oil burner the V6 engine sounds fantastic. Mine is returning 35MPG for average driving, I guess if you are a bit heavy on the throtle that will go down somewhat. One the motorway it's...