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  1. Booth1982

    Gear Lever Issues

    Hi Hope someone can shed some light on my problem. a Couple of months ago I had the Gear selector cables replaced. everything was working fine for a couple of months, and then last weekend I replaced the clutch and flywheel, and after that when connecting the selector cables to gearbox it would...
  2. Booth1982

    Possible cure for the annoying S3 over revving when changing gear

    Can someone post a picture of the hose that was replaced.? thanks in advance.
  3. Booth1982

    Oil pick-up pipe

    This Thread has made my day!!!
  4. Booth1982

    Shuddering in Reverse

    Thanks Tuffty. Hoping its that and not the flywheel or clutch. thats a much cheaper fix. Could a worn inner left front CV cause that? I will have it checked out.
  5. Booth1982

    Shuddering in Reverse

    Hi MY 2003 S3 is Shuddering in reverse gear, or sometimes in second or first gear at low speeds, but mainly in reverse, it feels like the whole engine is shaking. I have read up and i am not sure what this could be, Can anyone assist.
  6. Booth1982

    A3 Sun Roof Problem

    HI My S3's Sunroof is in the tilt position and it does not want to close, i can hear wanting to try and close for a second then it stops. i have tried to see if there is any obstruction, but cant find any, will it be safe to manually wind it down. and how do i remove that trim, to find the...
  7. Booth1982

    Funny noise coming from sub enclosure (S3)

    Cool thanks. so if its leaking you can just fix the leak?
  8. Booth1982

    Funny noise coming from sub enclosure (S3)

    That is the noise. , sometimes after i start and take off it is still going. What is it?????
  9. Booth1982

    Funny noise coming from sub enclosure (S3)

    Every time i get into the car and start it, there is a funny noise from the sub enclosure or that area, like a buzzing but it does not seem to be the speaker. i have managed to get out and check in the boot and that is the area it is coming from. it last a couple of seconds and then goes away...
  10. Booth1982

    Compression ratios

    cool thanks.
  11. Booth1982

    Compression ratios

    I thought the BAM engine's compression ratio is 9 and thet it should be low? please enlighten me. im obviously way off.
  12. Booth1982

    Compression ratios

    yup. thought as much. thanks alot
  13. Booth1982

    Compression ratios

    that it was low, and basically could be the cause of all my problems. the pinging etc etc.
  14. Booth1982

    Compression ratios

    10 9 8 10 Not in that order though. not sure which one is which
  15. Booth1982

    Compression ratios

    don't mean to Hijack. when a compression test is done on all 4 cylinders, what should the readings be in Bar Preferably. just curious, I had a test done and the differ slightly, just hoping its not bad.
  16. Booth1982

    egt sensor location on '03 S3

    so if the sensor somehow comes loose from the turbo, it can cause the car to run lean????
  17. Booth1982

    EGT Sensor again.

    Any Luck with this issue???
  18. Booth1982

    Uh oh, knocking...

    What was the outcome here im very curious
  19. Booth1982

    S3 Pinging after Revo stage 2

    here is a log that was done on stock mode. I have since replaced the precat lamda sensor and have a had the flexijoint on the downpipe replaced as it was leaking. i will log it again as soon as i can get someone to help me.