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  1. NISHS3

    Alpine HU Pops on power on and source change

    I had exactly the same problem with my alpine single din sat nav unit. I disconnected the bose sub have an aftermarket alpine one to go in there instead and it fixed it. The popping had gone. I had been to a few car audio places with no joy before and was starting to think it was the alpine head...
  2. NISHS3

    anyone looking to get there car re-mapped soonish?good deal!

    Hey Jarvis, If that space is gone is there anyone else who wants to pair up with me to get it done?? Thanks
  3. NISHS3


    Welcome to the forum... We all know Imola is the fastest colour now dont we... :rockwoot: Enjoy the friendly advice and the pictures!
  4. NISHS3

    New look for the summer...

    CAR PORN!!!:hubbahubba:
  5. NISHS3

    Throttle Body Clean.

    I just did mine today! After taking ages trying to figure out how to get that sodding plug that connects to the throttle body of without breaking it :think: . Mines done 70k so it was a hell of a lot more responsive afterwards especially from 2-5,000 revs noticeable difference. It doesn't idle...
  6. NISHS3

    Few Piccys of my New S3

    Here are some unorthodox colours... I was playing about with photoshop.. thought i would scare you guys
  7. NISHS3

    Audi S3 2003 Styling

    Just be careful not to 'Chav' it up. I have seen some awful ones on the road which can only be described as mutalated S3s :ermm: . I like the RS4 vents though that you can get on the front bumper, very swish. I think the liquid automotive link looks a bit OTT. Keep us posted on what you decide...
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    What do you do? Q & A

    Student, Pharmacy assistant and I work at my dads garage.. only on the S3 of course... :icon_thumright:
  9. NISHS3

    S3 rear quarter panel damage! HELP

    Just been to the body shop and they reckon about £700 - 800 . The damage is too bad to fill and spray. They have to cut out the panel from about half way down the rear next to the rear window to about halfway down the drivers side. Painful! very painful! Thanks for your help guys!
  10. NISHS3

    S3 rear quarter panel damage! HELP

    Merry Christmas everyone! Someone crashed into me yesterday (xmas eve)!:motz: I've contacted insurance. She crashed into the rear quarter panel above the back wheel. looks pretty serious, hit the wheel, car still drives fine, but creased the panel and dented in a lot. Anyone know of anyone...
  11. NISHS3

    S3 Purchase, 9K, any advice?

    You can Have mine for 9k.... Rare IMOLA YELLOW! REGISTERED 30/12/99! Superb condition as shown by the pictures. Extras are CRUISE CONTROL, CENTRE ARMREST, BOSE SOUND SYSTEM, AUTO DIMMING MIRRORS, S3 Number plate, also usual S3 stuff; 6 disc changer,Xenon Lights, 17" inch S3 alloys, GOODYEAR...