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  1. AshA4

    Rear center armrest - not closing flush

    As the title says, my Rear center armrest is not closing flush on one side (drivers side) Made sure the First Aid kit is in properly and is closed, but when the arm rest is closed it is sticking out from the seat by about half inch. Not sure if the kids fighting over it have bent one of the...
  2. AshA4

    Power steering moan? Help

    That explains that then lol
  3. AshA4

    Power steering moan? Help

    No green cap anywhere to be seen, not under scuttle cover either... confused to say the least lol
  4. AshA4

    Power steering moan? Help

    That's the thing there is no number 8 (reservoir) on my car? It's just turning left at around 10-15 mph while of the accelerator.
  5. AshA4

    Power steering moan? Help

    I am getting what I think is power steering groan when turning left at low speeds, not all the time but sounds like steering moan. First thought was check the fluid, now I am no mechanic but am not stupid by any means, I looked right side where the capped reservoir normally is on the b8 and nowt...
  6. AshA4

    DAB signal... no changeover

    Check your MMI settings, there is a setting to set to DAB only or DAB & FM. When mine is set to DAB & FM if DAB signal drops out it switches to FM of the same station, IIR you have to be using stored stations in memory for this to work.
  7. AshA4

    New Owner - 3.0TDI Avant SLine

    Was the Tiptronic in the non Quattro then? as I thought all the 3.0Tdi V6 S-Lines had the S-Tronic
  8. AshA4

    B9 DIS - Cabin lacking....

    So my B8.5 is in for an S-Tronic service today and I have been given a brand new B9 S-line Saloon, its the 2.0Tdi 190 S-Tronic with a few options, ADS being one of them that firms up the drive very nice. One thing that has me scratching my head (played with all settings and cant get it to show)...
  9. AshA4

    B9 Audi Sound System vs B&O

    My two cents, I have a B9 A4 loaner at the moment, 2.0Tdi Sline 190 S-tronic. The sound system is woeful compared to the B8.5 with B&O, (no where near as good as my 2009 B8 either) well worth the upgrade money in my eyes, I have played with all the settings, tried my SD card quality music and it...
  10. AshA4

    Why I'm not around much right now

    Sorry to here this news mate, thoughts are with you and your family from all of us on ASN
  11. AshA4

    3.0 Trip Tronic 272bhp / Black Optic

    I have the 245 3.0TDi as well and was considering S4 in the B9 next. I was worrying the TipTronic would not be as good as the STronic, so this was the perfect reply for me, TVM :)
  12. AshA4

    Carista App

    Thanks Geoff
  13. AshA4

    Carista App

    Anyone ebabled ADS using any version of Carista? Or is this a VCDS only job?
  14. AshA4

    Carista App

    £32 holy sh1t! I know your happy mate and I am pleased for you, but I will post a link to a much cheaper one that works with Carista and IPhone for others to buy that is £8.59 delivered.
  15. AshA4

    Carista App

    My OBDII port arrived yesterday, plugged it in, paired with iphone, paid £14.99 to upgrade Carista App and enabled beep on lock, needle sweep, lap timer & oil temp and emergency brake flashing. Also enabled hidden menu but not played with that yet. If anyone has a list of things you can enable...
  16. AshA4

    Carista App

    Bought it :)
  17. AshA4

    Carista App

    Thanks man.
  18. AshA4

    Carista App

    You got a link please?
  19. AshA4

    Carista App

    I know there are a few OBD modules listed at start of thread, but what's the best or most used on with IOS please? Don't want to waste money and get the wrong one. Don't want to spend a fortune with, the link a few post us to the ODBII is £192!