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  1. 3DTDi

    How do people buy tyres nowadays?

    Conti Sport 5's for me all the way, regardless of cost, best all round grip, stopping distance in all conditions. Had budgets on previous cars do have never been against them, now days, I see the light. Kelvin, put a set of premiums on your car and take it round a wet track, you will see, all...
  2. 3DTDi

    Red LED lights in overhead console?

    Part of the ambient lighting package. No purpose other than looking cool :)
  3. 3DTDi

    Got a bargain last night on the bay!

    Thanks chaps, I will give it a try and let you know :)
  4. 3DTDi

    Got a bargain last night on the bay!

    14:30 I think mate. Be good to meet up, will need coding done in the near future ;) did you sell your adaptives in the end?
  5. 3DTDi

    Got a bargain last night on the bay!

    Sweet cheers nath, you down this weekend? should be going to the krispy meet on sunday if your around
  6. 3DTDi

    Got a bargain last night on the bay!

    Yeh i will be doing that before ripping it apart mate lol. Yeh I gave myself a lovely pat on the back, i usually end up paying through the teeth when it comes the the audi lol!
  7. 3DTDi

    Got a bargain last night on the bay!

    Haha sorry mate, I only found it by pure luck with 3 mins to go too, i just typed in audi and looked for ending soonest auctions and there it was! Is this the case or is ash correct with the 57 plate theory? Mine is a 57 plate ash, registered november 07 so it might be worth a try? How can i...
  8. 3DTDi

    Bristol Krispy Kreme meet Sunday 3rd June @ 2:30pm BS2 0SP

    I might be able to make this ash, I will update thread closer to the day :)
  9. 3DTDi

    Got a bargain last night on the bay!

    Is there a technique with getting them off mate?
  10. 3DTDi

    Got a bargain last night on the bay!

    I think anyway lol, I won this facelift climate unit for £23.50 delivered. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace So options are: A - swap the whole unit, although I think this may cause problems as the AC button is different to the Econ button on the older style ones. B - Swap the twist...
  11. 3DTDi

    It's here and I love it! New A3 Black Edition

    Niiice mate, bristol audi are usually ****e too! lol, i will keep an eye out for you around
  12. 3DTDi

    S3 pedals

    They are very easy to fit, to avoid breaking the electric connector you have to push it hard down and it will release easily, dont just pull it out as you will break it. That guy on ebay is where i got mine from and they were delivered in good time and are the real deal.
  13. 3DTDi

    8P2 S3 Valance and Diffuser

    Well done for clearing up mate, although the one my guy showed me was definately the newer style and was one piece so maybe there are a few different variants?
  14. 3DTDi

    Original Audi number plate LED's that fit the A3 8P - plug & play!

    Plugged straight into my 57 plate 8P2, no errors both work fine, look great too. Make sure they are screwed in nice and tightly
  15. 3DTDi

    8P2 S3 Valance and Diffuser

    My friend at audi has just ordered me one, the new style one he has got in is definately 1 piece as i have seen it and lined it up against my 8P2 Sline rear bumper, however i think the older ones might be 2 piece but not 100%
  16. 3DTDi

    How common are failing wheel bearings?

    i have had a rear wheel bearing go on mine, was 50k 57plate, seems quite common as i have heard a few similar stories
  17. 3DTDi


    Lol good one!
  18. 3DTDi

    2.0TDI 140 drivers - How fast are you going at 2,000rpm in 6th?

    My 170 is awful on the motorway at anything over 75ish, 80-85mph sees me about 38-40mpg Not sure if the 140 is the same though
  19. 3DTDi

    Not perfect but perfect for me: RS3 owner review

    Great write up mate! Glad your enjoying it