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  1. Jeriho

    Custom turbo inlet pipe for K04

    You can make the one from Bill Badger fit as well just have to trim it a bit. Had some pictures but no idea where they are now. But it does fit.
  2. Jeriho

    Audi S3 8L bi xenon group buy #3

    Please copy and paste and add your name 1. Hharry100 2. Silestanix 3. Juddha 4. Jeriho 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. Jeriho

    Black Diamond™, made in Slovenia

    Nice. Wish i could do those mods on mine. They dont nag to you on the technical exam?
  4. Jeriho

    8L Bi Xenon group buy (Round 2)

    So i would like to be on that list as well. I can wait so no problem if we have to get up to 10.
  5. Jeriho

    New engine and gearbox...

    Wishing you luck :) hope you get a good one.
  6. Jeriho


    And sorry just couldn't help myself i have no idea about the gains on E100.
  7. Jeriho


    Yes of course its 42 but the question?
  8. Jeriho

    Problem when its cold

    Check wiring for coils. Could be cracked insulation.
  9. Jeriho

    front suspension mounts

    They are done get new ones.
  10. Jeriho

    Hockey Puck?

    It just restricts the flow. Thas all.
  11. Jeriho

    Audi S3 8l TIP question

    B5 fits i have it in my car. Its tight round the brake master cylinder pipes but it works. That is how i did it earlier. I haven't checked yet how the pro did it after the rebuild :)
  12. Jeriho

    DA-31 Users...

    Have one as well. Works on my 300 HP.
  13. Jeriho

    What have you done today?

    Not exactly today but dropped the car off at Bills on Monday to get new rods turbo and such. Was an interesting experience first time in England and watching Bill tune an Ibiza. Looking forward to picking it up in a month. Thanks for the hospitality Bill.
  14. Jeriho

    How to: Poly Filling Engine Mounts.

    Well i have shore 60 Bill. You can try and youll see after the cat worms up and revs drop it becomes annoying. While driving its ok but if you are sitting in traffic a lot or in front of traffic lights it becomes unpleasant. And its almost a year since i did it so they had plenty of time to...
  15. Jeriho

    How to: Poly Filling Engine Mounts.

    For every day use defenitly. In my opinion. Or maybe they would be ok if i wouldnt take all the ruber out. But like i have them it just vibrates to much on idle. And we have plenty of trafic lights in Zurich.
  16. Jeriho

    How to: Poly Filling Engine Mounts.

    No i just expresed myself poorly. Was after a 15 hour drive my bad. And had to deal with converting mph to kmph :). Just ment it as a warning probably great for track but if i would be doing them again well i wouldnt touch them.
  17. Jeriho

    How to: Poly Filling Engine Mounts.

    That might be so Tuffty. But from experience taking all the ruber out makes them to hard. Im bringing the car to Bill tomorow so you can chek it out if you would like. Was the dumest thing i done to this car yet :). First time i started it up i was like oh no what have i done ?!?
  18. Jeriho

    How to: Poly Filling Engine Mounts.

    I did mine 60. The whole thing vibrates now to much for my taste im contemplating putting some rubber under the mounts. I cut all the rubber out and filled the things completely. Maybe leaving the rubber in there and just filling them up would be better.
  19. Jeriho

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Congratulations Prawn.
  20. Jeriho

    What have you done today?

    Booked a hotel in Stonehouse to bring my car to Bill in two weeks :). All excited.