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  1. MauriceT

    Breaks and pads

    I have a 1.4TFSI A3 and upgraded from 288mm to 312mm discs and pads from Brembo. They brake very good but they have a bit of brake dust. After 200km you can see dust on your rims. But overall very happy with Brembo and it's cheaper than ATE or Zimmerman
  2. MauriceT

    Air con re-gas - I was impressed

    A3 8P does not have a magnetic clutch for the A/C pump. It's always turning even when off
  3. MauriceT

    Audi A3 tfsi e 8Y no Auto stop start function!!

    To turn start stop off you need to do a remap on the car.
  4. MauriceT

    Facelift A3 single exhaust on each side

    And updates? Someone with a part number for the Saloon PFL S-Line diffusor?
  5. MauriceT

    1.8 TFSI - Cold start rattle/ticking noise

    1.8TFSI has a chain, can be a failing chain tensioner
  6. MauriceT

    S3 has gone super quiet

    Maybe the previous owner added a custom flap? Is the whole exhaust original?
  7. MauriceT

    S3 has gone super quiet

    And in OBD11 you tried the "Exhaust Flap Deactivation" app? Setting should be on Active, when the flaps are open you can turn it off so they will always be open
  8. MauriceT

    S3 has gone super quiet

    Correct me if i'm wrong but the flap only opens up above 3500 rpm or full throttle. Does is sound louder above 3500rpm?
  9. MauriceT

    1.6 2009 uphill

    They killed the FSI version yes but they kept the 1.6 MPI (102HP) non direct injection engine for a bit longer
  10. MauriceT

    Oil temperature reading

    PolarFIS is your friend, it's pretty expensive tho
  11. MauriceT

    Weird radiator fan behaviour

    Maybe faulty cooling fan module?
  12. MauriceT

    E 5 or e10 petrol

    Just keep using premium petrol.
  13. MauriceT

    Is Stop/Start affected by Faulty Clutch?

    If you use start/stop (in my eyes stop and start:blahblah1:) after driving on the motorway or driving with a heavy right foot it's not really good for the turbo. When driving only slowly in the city or letting the engine coast long it really does not hurt it.
  14. MauriceT

    Is Stop/Start affected by Faulty Clutch?

    If it was a fault clutch switch the engine would not turn on right? Or does your car not require to push the clutch in to start?
  15. MauriceT

    Is Stop/Start affected by Faulty Clutch?

    Maybe because the battery got disconnected for clutch replacement and the battery sensor reset itself?
  16. MauriceT

    New on this site :D

    Hello everyone,:sign imnew: I'm Maurice and i'm a proud owner of my 2005 Audi A3 8PA with the super 'fast' 1.6 FSI:playful:. Hope i can help people on this forum and that people can help me:yahoo:
  17. MauriceT

    Ultimate/Final 8P Oil Thread

    In my 1.6 FSI BLP i now use Motul X-Clean 5W40 oil and the chain is totally silent with cold starts! Before with the oil from the previous owner (only 1400km old) the chain had a rattle.