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  1. concoursneil

    Audi Showcase Invitation

    Got mine from Plymouth Audi the other day so I'm all booked in hopefully for R8 roll on next weekend
  2. concoursneil

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  3. concoursneil

    Word Association Game .. . . .

    Father christmas
  4. concoursneil

    Wifes new car

    Too true. I'm just waiting for my amalfi White 1.4tfsi Stronic to arrive gone for a few extras too so thats bumped the price up. I'll be sorry to see the A3 go but the smile on my face as I drive the new one out of the showroom will be huge. It starts getting built today. I...
  5. concoursneil

    A3 1.8t agu part throttle hesitation

    Cheers for that I don't intend to rush out and buy one. I'll get it down the garage so my mate can have a look at it. Drive it steady tho as I don't want to ****** it up
  6. concoursneil

    A3 1.8t agu part throttle hesitation

    I've just had a similar problem slight hesitation and small misfire. Call AA out and I have no spark on number 3 but coil packs are working fine. Continuity test done and power to all coil packs so he suspected the amplifier. Have you any idea of cost of a new amplifier please. So I can see if I...
  7. concoursneil

    Help ! clutch pedal is dead...

    just had my dam clutch pedal go on me too., weld gone and plenty of plastic bits in the footwell, had to be towed home ,passing van driver gaveme a tow ,nice of him so pint on the way for him. Any ideas on cost of pedal and plastic bits now as i see this is old post. getting car towed to...
  8. concoursneil

    Can you recongnise this Bumper?

    You are correct that is the kit fitted in the pic
  9. concoursneil

    Can anyone help with A3 outdoor temperature gauge?

    The sensor for outside temp is in front bumper right at bottom on the passenger side facing downwards towards the road. you will see a small round plastic grommet if you pop that out that is the sensor. you will feel a wire connected to it
  10. concoursneil

    Car Tax

    Looks like the early Tsport the way to got just dont tell anyone its chipped:) Still daylight robbery tho :wtf: ****** goverment Audi A3 (96-03) 1.8 T Sport 3d Rates effective from 13 March 2008 Date of Registration 6 Months...
  11. concoursneil

    LCD Display In Dash Has Stopped Working?? Can Anyone help??

    You may have switched it off accidentally, there is a button on the underside of the right hand stalk, switch that to see if it rectifies the prob, it wont sort the missing sections , but will turn it back on again:icon_thumright:
  12. concoursneil

    radio volume problem!!!

    Where did you hear this from?
  13. concoursneil

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year , all the best for 2008:yahoo:
  14. concoursneil

    360 problem

    I had the same prob with mine , microsoft replaced it free of charge , that part now has a 3 year extended warranty , new one been fine, they replaced the machine within a week
  15. concoursneil

    BT Home Hub

    Im running 6736kb/s Download and 306kb/s upload from my home hub, also have the vision box when first came out and broadband speed was verified as correct by BT so im fairly pleased with the results at the mo, ive done a few tests to different areas and results very similar and one to GENEVA...
  16. concoursneil

    Windows steaming up/condensation, etc.

    I agree with Jo, try changing your pollen filter, when i changed mine it does clear all windows much quicker
  17. concoursneil

    Audi Driver International 2007

    Joe Cant make it now by the looks of it so will be another place up for grabs if any one wants a pass:sob:
  18. concoursneil

    Audi Driver International 2007

    I'll be in for it aswell, but you will have to clean your car Jo :moa:
  19. concoursneil

    porsche breaks best price?

    Breaks...... mmm going on holiday are you:) I think the word your looking for is BRAKE:icon_thumright:
  20. concoursneil

    Wheel test (Kerbing)

    Something a little tougher than concrete :laugh: