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  1. armran

    r8 button TTs 8j steering wheel

    hi all, I would like to mount on my original TTS 8j steering wheel, 2 r8 style buttons; on the left the black button that I want to connect to my sport button e. on the right the red button that I want to connect to the key or to a keyless engine ignition kit; 1) which possibly wireless...
  2. armran

    ColourMFA in Audi TT Mk2 8J Instrument Cluster Upgrade - Fully working

    molto bella, complimenti all'ideatore; Volevo chiedere se montando questo sarà ancora possibile accedere a quello originale in cui sono presenti funzioni che magari su questo nuovo si perdono, quali: possibilità di nuovo attivazione/disattivare il suono di apertura/chiusura dell'auto...
  3. armran

    R8 RVC module pinout

    guys no one follows this discussion anymore?
  4. armran

    R8 RVC module pinout

    Hi all, I have a TTS 8j 2011 equipped with RNSE 193d, graphic OPS for front and rear sensors, KUFATEC IMA BASIC PLUS and moving images release; I just bought the RVC r8 module with the final A (in order to integrate the camera to the OPS graphics) and I'm trying to make the RVC—> RNSE and IMA...
  5. armran

    Audi TTS grill upgrade and fog light upgrade

    is fully compatible
  6. armran

    encoding to raise windows with rain

    as the title, I would make the coding that allows you to raise the windows automatically when the car is locked with the windows open and it starts to rain; some time ago I tried different encodings but nothing worked. the car has a rain sensor and is a TTS or a MY11 Resty, could you help me?
  7. armran

    installing new steering wheel mk3

    guys, I'd like a lot to install the new steering wheel on my mk3 TTS TTS mk2; for case someone has found the system to make it compatible in both the operation airbag, both for the DSG that for the keys? the keys of the new are so many, it would be perfect if we could make functional all our...
  8. armran

    Nello all

    Hello everyone, I type from Italy (Sicily) and Guido TTS mk2 that soon I hope to present, by the time I post a couple of photos